ZPTech® Antimicrobial Applications

Many common products exposed to moisture or humid environments — from yoga mats and kitchen gadgets to toilet seats and flooring — provide excellent breeding grounds for mold, mildew, and bacteria. When inhabiting an unprotected surface without antimicrobials those unwanted organisms can double every 20 minutes!

At Microban, we’ve developed leading antimicrobial solutions for a variety of antimicrobial applications. While disinfectants help, most contain harsh chemicals, including bleach and peroxide, which come with a long list of environmental and health risks. Fortunately, there’s a better solution. Antimicrobials from Microban provide protection that lives on, keeping surfaces cleaner between cleanings.

ZPTech® – Microban’s Leading Antimicrobial Application

ZPTech® from Microban, the leader in antimicrobial applications, utilizes zinc pyrithione, a wide spectrum antimicrobial, to help eliminate bacteria and fungi, including mold, mildew and algae. The technology is dispersed throughout the polymers during the manufacturing process, so it remains effective even if an object is nicked, scratched or abraded during use.

ZPTech is an antimicrobial application that remains constantly active on surfaces. When bacteria come in contact with the surface of the treated product, the antimicrobial penetrates the bacteria's membrane, severely hindering its ability to thrive. The effect is similar with fungi. ZPTech disrupts the enzymes, blocking the metabolic pathway and creating an environment in which mold and mildew cannot grow.

ZPTech Antimicrobial Application Benefits

With our ZPTech antimicrobial application products and consumers experience the following benefits:

  • EASY TO USE. Antimicrobials incorporated into the manufacturing process in encapsulated form, thermoplastic masterbatches or liquid dispersions.
  • SAFE & SUSTAINABLE. Antimicrobial application contains no heavy metals or formaldehyde, low to no VOCs and is EPA approved.
  • EXTENDS THE USEFUL LIFE OF PRODCUTS. ZPTech inhibits the growth of microorganisms that can lead to product deterioration.
  • MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS. ZPTech antimicrobial application is registered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as safe to use in a variety of applications, including those that come in contact with food.

Partnering with Microban for Antimicrobial Applications

Microban works individually with polymer converters to make ZPTech’s antimicrobial application integration as simple and seamless as possible without disruption to existing manufacturing processes. The antimicrobial formulations are tested with manufacturers’ own polymers both for antimicrobial effectiveness and to ensure that ZPTech will not degrade the aesthetics or function of the product.

Additionally, we supply partners with comprehensive services to help deploy our products, including technical development, regulatory assistance, patent counsel, training, technical support and marketing support.

Contact us today to learn how Microban’s antimicrobial applications like ZPTech can differentiate your product and give you a more powerful presence in your market.