Standards of Antimicrobial Product Testing

Testing Labs for Antimicrobial Products

At Microban®, all of our antimicrobial technologies undergo thorough lab testing prior to deployment. This antimicrobial product testing enables us to continually research and develop new technologies, assess the effectiveness of our solutions, and support our partners. We conduct over 30,000 microbiological and analytical antimicrobial tests annually in our state-of-the-art microbiology lab facilities. Our team of experienced microbiologists conduct tests for a wide range of product substrates.

At Microban, our antimicrobial test labs enable us to provide our partners with quick turn-around times on antimicrobial product testing and development for increased speed to market. We utilize conventional tests such as Kirby Bauer, environmental monitoring such as aerobic plate count, and Minimum Inhibitory Concentration (MIC) studies as well as neutralization studies. The wide range of qualitative and quantitative tests are carried out according to industry standards (AATCC, ASTM, EPA, ISO, JIS and FZ/T).

Antimicrobial Product Quality Assurance

We promise durable and effective antimicrobial product protection to all Microban partners. We supply a rigorous Quality Assurance Program to ensure both ourselves and our partners deliver on all antimicrobial promises. Laboratory tests are administered using partner samples and randomly chosen articles to ensure Microban antimicrobial product protection remains effective in resisting odor and stain causing bacteria correctly.

Antimicrobial Product Sustainability

Using a wide range of antimicrobial solutions, our technologies have a long history of being safe to use and are registered with the EPA or appropriate local regulatory agencies. As a Bluesign® system partner, we work to achieve the highest industry standards for conserving valuable resources by minimizing environmental impacts and furthering our customers’ sustainability.

When you partner with Microban to bring antimicrobial products to your consumers, you know that each and every product is proven to be safe and effective for them, held up by our rigorous and thorough testing and quality assurance methods. You can read more about our antimicrobial testing and lab support to see a full list of antimicrobial testing services, or contact us to learn more!