The Dirty Little Secret About Silver

Not all antimicrobial silver technologies are the same, and not all tests are the same either. Some companies test their antimicrobial silver technologies with little regard to how garments are actually used and even modify industry standard testing methods. There are no shortcuts when it comes to creating reliable technologies using the antimicrobial properties of silver. That goes for testing the efficacy of those technologies, as well.

Proper Testing of Antimicrobial Silver Technologies

Unfortunately, some companies do not properly test their technologies for product applications. By creating testing conditions that starve bacteria of essential nutrients—regardless of the presence of silver antimicrobials—those companies are essentially manipulating results. The testing conditions aren’t a reflection of the real world, and that’s a shortcut that ultimately shortchanges consumers.

Most companies add their antimicrobial silver treatment to your clothing during fabrication, without understanding the nuances of the process. This is why durability can be an issue after just a few launderings with those companies’ garments.

Microban SilverShield® Technology

SilverShield® by Microban® is different, and in this case, different is much better. That’s because SilverShield is bonded to fabrics. The antimicrobial properties of silver are more effective because SilverShield is actually infused into the garment’s fibers through our patented Duralink™ bonding system during the manufacturing process, ensuring it controls odors for more than 40 typical home launderings.

With SilverShield, there are no shortcuts. Our innovative antimicrobial silver technologies are tested using industry-standard methods, and they pass those tests with flying colors. That means you know you’re getting protection that eliminates odor-causing bacteria day after day and wash after wash. In other words, SilverShield provides textile product protection that lives on. Ultimately, what we’ve created is an antimicrobial silver, odor-fighting technology that’s highly effective, incredibly durable and doesn’t compromise performance. So, with SilverShield, you can take comfort in knowing you’re wearing the best. Every single time.

To learn more about the antimicrobial properties of silver and how Microban’s SilverShield technology can protect your textile products, contact us today!