Microban’s Regulatory and Patent Support

At Microban, we work with each of our partners to understand their product applications to develop an antimicrobial solution that easily integrates into their product development and manufacturing processes. An important part of the Microban product development strategy with our partners is to support the ongoing process of obtaining regulatory and patent approvals.

Microban Patent Counsel

As a leading antimicrobial provider, Microban has over 229 issued and pending patents pertaining to our developed technologies for our clients and partners. Known for our innovative product development, we work with our partners to engineer antimicrobial additives that can be infused into products during the manufacturing process. Often times, this requires custom antimicrobial additives for applications with polymers, coatings or textile finishes.

In order to ensure partners can go to market with their products and create a competitive barrier, Microban has an in-house patent counsel that provides expert guidance on potential patent opportunities. With our proactive approach to patent application and submission, our partners are enabled with a unique market leverage and antimicrobial technology exclusivity with their products.

Microban Regulatory Approval

As an extension of the Microban product development strategy to create custom antimicrobial solutions for our partners, we also ensure that our additives are registered with the proper authorities. When adding antimicrobial protection technologies to products, it is important that our partners properly position and market their products to their various markets and industries. Microban in-house regulatory department and marketing team work with our partners to ensure all recommended antimicrobial solutions have the appropriate claims language and regulatory approvals prior to commercialization.

Once the innovative product development process is complete and the product deployment preparations are being made, Microban works with our partners to acquire the necessary legal regulatory approvals. By identifying the regulatory approvals, proper authorities and compliance needed prior to deployment, Microban helps supply our partners with everything for a successful product launch.

To learn more about how Microban supports our partners and clients with patents and regulatory approvals, contact us today!