How Do Antimicrobials Work?

Part of what makes Microban’s antimicrobials so powerful is the versatility when integrating antimicrobial additive solutions to products within consumer, commercial, textiles, building and healthcare industries. The power of our microbe-inhibiting product protection is attributed to our lengthy lab and product testing during the technology development process.

In order to understand the value antimicrobials add to your products, it is important to understand how the technology works to fight damaging microbe growth. We outline the ways antimicrobial technology works most powerfully to protect against product degradation:

Antimicrobials Integrated During Product Development

Microban works with companies to understand their product manufacturing process. From there, Microban’s team of chemists and engineers will formulate and test an antimicrobial additive solution specifically for your product application. Once the best-fitting solution is proven effective for your product, Microban begins the master batch development of the solution.

With the antimicrobial additive ready for implementation into your product line, our team works with you to determine how it can best be integrated into your current product development process (injection molding, extrusion, RIM molding, etc.) for minimal disruption and optimal efficiency. This means the antimicrobial solution is integrated into your product surface or material as opposed to being coated or simply added to the final product. This sets Microban’s antimicrobials apart from many other competitors in the market today.

Antimicrobials Disrupt Growth of Microorganisms

Antimicrobials work at a cellular level to continually disrupt and prevent the growth of microorganisms. By creating an inhospitable environment for microorganisms like bacteria, mold and mildew, antimicrobials protect everyday products like mobile workstations, surface coatings, wound dressings and other medical textiles.

The way these antimicrobials work to inhibit the growth of microbe populations is what protects products against the effects of microbe growth that damage and reduce product shelf life. Because of the integrated antimicrobial solution into a product to disrupt the environment for microorganisms to grow uncontrollably, products are guaranteed to stay cleaner and fresher longer.

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