Play On With Envirofill® Antimicrobial Infill – Talking Clean On Artificial Turf Systems

Written by Emily Best, North America Marketing Manager, Built-In

As this blog is being written in October of 2020, consumers and business decisions makers around the world are asking more questions than ever about where to find the right products that will provide enhanced cleanliness and offer peace of mind given a historical increase in concerns about surface bacteria. We are watching in real time as professional sports leagues make decisions about whether they conduct sporting seasons or postpone games. Common areas like athletic fields, playgrounds, dog parks, and outdoor rooftop areas where we all once congregated for play and fun are now marked with social distancing reminders and hand sanitizer stations. At this particular moment, cleaner products and surfaces are top of mind for most of us venturing outside of our homes and are a key ingredient for decision makers who manage sporting facilities and outdoor recreation areas. In this blog, we’ll highlight the key benefits around Envirofill® with Microban® by USGreentech, just one of our many valued partners who proactively manufactures cleaner and longer lasting products that you should be paying attention to.

What is Envirofill?

Envirofill is an acrylic coated infill product that is produced by USGreentech and treated with powerful antimicrobial technology by Microban. Infill is located within the base of a synthetic turf system to support the turf blades and act as the ballast, footing, and athletic shock absorption component of the turf system. While some turf system owners have historically used what is known in the industry as “crumb rubber” as their turf infill, sports facilities and municipalities around the country are looking for safe, cleaner, more attractive options for their added artificial turf systems. That’s where Envirofill with Microban comes in. Envirofill was designed to be the cleanest and safest turf on the market, and with the addition of Microban antimicrobial product protection, Envirofill is resistant to the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew that can cause staining, odors, and ultimate product degradation.

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What are the benefits of using Envirofill in my artificial turf system?

In addition to the aesthetic versatility that comes with Envirofill (it can be manufactured in various colors to match your existing turf system ), below are some of the key benefits that sports field owners, athletic directors and facility managers can enjoy when choosing Envirofill:

LOWEST MAINTENANCE – Envirofill does not require any water and has very limited migration meaning it will require infrequent top off unlike other infill products.

MOST DURABLE - Designed to last over two field life cycles OR 16 years, Envirofill comes with a 16 year warranty. This is the longest warranty in the industry! Envirofill is also extremely resistant to the outdoor elements, offering superior durability.

PROVEN – Envirofill is currently installed in over 150 fields nationwide plus countless backyards, playgrounds and parks. Highly trusted and extremely long lasting, Envirofill is perfect for sports and athletic management looking for low maintenance, long term performance, and durable synthetic turf system products.

CLEAN AND SAFE – Envirofill features built-in Microban antimicrobial technology. The means it is the cleanest infill around, and it’s perfect for pets, children and athletes. Learn more about the many safety test that that are conducted on Envirofill to ensure maximum performance.

PERFORMANCE – Envirofill features a highly rounded quartz core that resists compaction – and athletes love this! Plus, with Microban product protection built in, Envirofill combats odors and remains cleaner than other infill products. While great for backyards, playgrounds, and parks – Envirofill can truly pass the test when it comes to UV light, hard wear and tear…even rainbow trout!

Whether it’s your sports field, your athletic facility, your city or even your backyard – Envirofill is the best infill solution for completing any turf system. With Envirofill with Microban, rest assured that you’re getting the performance that you’ve always wanted from the last infill you’ll ever need.

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