Just-in-Time Antimicrobial SmartTurf® Athletic Turf

Smart Turf Athletic Turf with Microban® technology boosts health and sports club businesses revitalization efforts

Industry Challenges for Sports Clubs and Health Clubs

The global community of health and sports club businesses are at a crossroads. Now more than ever, cleanliness is at the forefront with a huge spotlight shining on it. With COVID-19 looming, many club owners are looking for ways to reassure their members that exercising in a public space can be safe. The challenge is about changing their perception of what these spaces have or better yet what they don’t have. Persuading members and the general public that bacteria in these spaces are limited can only be done with science. Like so many challenges faced in our new reality, science should help guide decisions.

Guided by Science - Antimicrobial Technology for Artificial Turf

Smart Turf Athletic Turf with built-in Microban© is a timely product that can help boost health and sports club businesses revitalization efforts. With antimicrobial technology built right into the Athletic Turf, it’s the ONLY artificial sports turf that inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew. This in turn protects against a broad spectrum of staining and odor-causing bacteria and helps it achieve a superior level of cleanliness and freshness than any other sports turf. How does this happen? Microban antimicrobial technology is integrated into the blades during the manufacturing process, works 24/7, and never washes off.


The A-HA Moment

Two words – competitive advantage. With close to 40,000 health and fitness clubs in the United States alone, differentiation is key to success. Adding scientifically proven products and services to keep public exercise spaces cleaner can help persuade members and the general public that it can be safe. Health and sports club owners will appreciate that built-in Microban© antimicrobial technology can keep the Athletic Turf cleaner in-between cleanings and extend its usable life. Both owners and members can worry less, enjoy life more, and Live On ™.

About Smart Turf

Smart Turf artificial grass products are proudly made in the USA in our state-of-the-art Chatsworth, Georgia factory. We continue to support the US economy and future generations with jobs and economic growth and stand by our product with an industry leading 15-year manufacturer backed warranty. Smart Turf products include pet turf, playground turf, putting turf, athletic turf, and general landscaping turf. An industry leader, Smart Turf products have proudly been used and installed in many backyards, playgrounds, municipal parks, and commercial and hotel projects.

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