Flush Your Bathroom Troubles Away with Antimicrobial Solutions

Rub-a-dub-dub, there are microbes in the tub. Did you know that out of all the rooms in your house, your bathroom – the place where you go to get clean – is actually one of the most likely places to be affected by microbial growth? Yikes is right. Through built-in antimicrobial solutions, Microban® helps our partners keep their bathroom products fresh and clean.

From bathtubs, sinks, and toilets to grouts, floor tiles, and sealants, this is how Microban protects both residential and commercial bathrooms.

Consumer Antimicrobial Solutions for Bathrooms

Toilets & Toilet Seats

When you think about the places in a bathroom where you might find germs, the toilet is probably the first place your mind goes. Although you cannot see it with the naked eye, there are about 50 bacteria per square inch on a toilet seat. Antimicrobial solutions can protect products, like toilet seats and toilet lids, that are prone to stains and help fight odor causing bacteria to making even the dirtiest spots cleaner.


The sink is the place you go to wash away germs and bacteria from your hands, right? In theory, sinks should be relatively clean, but with the wear and tear caused by soap residue, water, make-up, saliva, and hair, sinks are exposed to water spots and stains. These stains and water spots can breed harmful bacteria that degrade your product and turn into a health risk for those who use the same sink. To combat these germ and odor causing microbes, Microban partners with faucet and sink brands, like Moen and Luxury Bath, to create products infused with antimicrobial technology that will not wash off or wear away and keep products cleaner for longer.


Similar to sinks, showerheads are another surprising hot spot for germs. Bacteria and germs thrive and grow best in damp, dark places, and unfortunately, dark and damp also describes your showerhead. 

1/3 of showerheads contain potentially dangerous bacteria, can also be sprayed on the inhabitants during a shower.

Showerheads with built-in antimicrobial solutions help protect your shower from the harmful germs and bacteria that can spread in between cleanings.

Commercial Antimicrobial Solutions for Bathrooms

Baby Changing Stations

Oh baby! Did you know that baby changing stations can be a breeding ground for microbial growth? As you can probably imagine, baby changing stations see a lot of stink, so it makes sense that they are susceptible to the same stain and odor causing bacteria as toilets.

Our partner Koala Kare teamed up with Microban to create a built-in antimicrobial solution to inhibit the growth of stain and odor causing bacteria on their baby changing stations and booster seats. Having baby changing stations with the protection of antimicrobial solutions gives your consumers a peace of mind that they can count on.

Bathroom Stall Partitions and Dispensers

Just one flush of a toilet can leave microbial droplets in the air for hours, and if left unchecked, bacteria can double in number every 20 minutes. These microbes eventually lead to damage in products, like paper dispensers, bathroom stall partitions, and other bathroom fixtures, which shortens the products’ useable life.

Building in antimicrobial agents into these bathroom fixtures and products during the production process helps fight against microbes and keeps surfaces cleaner between regular cleanings.

To flush away your antimicrobial problems, contact us today to see how our team can provide your company with a unique approach to custom product development and give your products the antimicrobial protection they need to fight stain and odor causing microbial growth.