Antimicrobial Product Testing Laboratory

At Microban, we work with product manufacturers to develop antimicrobial solutions that are best suited for your product requirements and manufacturing process. Infused during the manufacturing process, our antimicrobial technologies do not disrupt the product development process. We use in-house and 3rd party product testing laboratories to ensure that the formulation we’ve developed performs effectively for your application.

Conducting over 30,000 microbiological and analytical tests annually, we use industry standard testing methods designed to evaluate a wide range of products and antimicrobial technologies. Well beyond the initial antimicrobial implementation, we continue field testing by working with manufacturers to send us random samples to monitor antimicrobial technology efficacy in our product testing laboratories.

Materials Engineering Product Testing Laboratory

For thermoplastic and thermoset systems, we conduct thorough efficacy tests in our materials engineering product testing lab. Our team of engineers has extensive knowledge of the various manufacturing techniques that allow us to develop optimal organic and inorganic antimicrobial solutions for plastics. Particularly for materials engineering, we develop antimicrobial solutions that are compatible with your materials and manufacturing process, whether that includes injection molding, plastic injection molding, rotational molding, or film and profile extrusion.

Analytical Chemistry Product Testing Laboratory

Backing our quality assurance program for our technologies is our analytical chemistry product testing laboratory. Our team of chemists use our state-of-the-art facility and analytical equipment to conduct thorough testing during the development of our antimicrobials for polymer, ceramic, and custom formulation applications.

Microbiology Product Testing Laboratory

We perform both qualitative and quantitative industry standard tests to ensure antimicrobial effectiveness for each product application for our clients and partners. In our microbiology product testing laboratory, our antimicrobial testing methodology includes testing against both Gram positive and negative bacteria. This ensures the microbial growth like bacteria, mold and mildew will not reduce the life of your product.

Textile & Formulations Product Testing Laboratory

Specifically, for our textile applications, we have a dedicated team of textile chemists performing application testing in our product testing laboratories. During these tests, our team is evaluating textile materials like polyester, nylon, cotton, rayon, cotton/polyester blends, acrylic and natural fibers to ensure our antimicrobial additives are contributing to eliminating odor on the product. With a strong knowledge of the manufacturing and textile development process, our team is looking for ways our antimicrobial technology can supplement the value of your product and not take away from it.

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