Antimicrobial Product Protection in the Kitchen

Your kitchen is a personal space. It is the backdrop for memorable moments like lazy Saturday breakfasts with the family, packing lunches accompanied with hand-written notes during the week, dinner prep and study time for the kids, and dinner parties with friends. Your family and friends are not the only living things that hang out in your kitchen.

Bacteria and microbes thrive on the surfaces in your kitchen, making germs and bad odor a constant battle for you as you fight to keep control of your space. A recent study inspected 100 kitchens across Philadelphia and found listeria and E. coli in 15% of them and at least one organism that causes foodborne illness in almost 50% of them.

These findings are very alarming, and consumers are beginning to face the ugly truth: your kitchen is gross. We all know that consumers do not want this to be the case in their homes. If offered antimicrobial products in the home, especially for the kitchen, they would make that choice for their families.

In fact, in another recent study, conducted by Omnibus, 7 out of 10 consumers reported that they are concerned about bacteria on small appliances, and 8 out of 10 consumers reported they would be interested in purchasing small appliances with Microban® antimicrobial protection.

Microban antimicrobial product protection inhibits the growth of microbe populations on appliances and products, meaning it is easier than ever to keep your kitchen E. coli-free and smelling fresh.

Using Antimicrobial Product Protection in the Kitchen

Microban offers a variety of ways to integrate antimicrobial protection into kitchen appliances and products to combat the growth of microbes. Typical polymers used for appliances include ABS, PS and PC. Microban technology can easily add antimicrobial material product protection (injection molding, extrusion, RIM molding, etc.) during a product’s manufacturing process.

Partner products utilize Microban technology to create an upgraded product to better meet consumer needs. PurifAIR from Wpro is an innovative device that works to keep refrigerators fresher and more hygienic. Thanks to Microban® exclusive technology, it effectively filters and cleans the air inside of the fridge, removing bad odours and protecting against bacteria growth. The universal PurifAIR device clips onto a shelf in the refrigerator, and gets to work immediately removing up to 70% of strong odors and reducing up to 60% of bacteria growth.

We believe in collaborating with our partners to meet their needs through product development, so you will enjoy a customized solution from beginning to end. We will work closely during the planning process to understand your concerns and pain points and we will put the finished product through rigorous testing so you have a durable, antimicrobial product that exceeds your expectations and those of your partners.

Microban Antimicrobial Product Protection

Microban provides antimicrobial product protection and micro prevention technologies to our partners to make your kitchen and your entire home a cleaner environment. Our micro prevention and odor control solutions are closely regulated by the EPA and BPR, and are registered for specific product use. Regardless of the application, Microban works with you to develop customized micro prevention solutions.

To learn more about Microban antimicrobial protection technology for the kitchen, contact us today!