Why Adding Antimicrobials Influences Purchase Decisions

When a consumer is required to choose between a product that has antimicrobial technology built in and one that doesn’t, a number of factors can influence the decision. Not only will the consumer weigh the pros and cons of antimicrobials, but also they will consider the price, product aesthetics and the overall quality of the product.

As one of the world’s leading antimicrobial solution specialists, Microban understands the influence that the addition of antimicrobial technology can have in swaying consumer purchase decisions, especially when the consumer is made aware of the key benefits of the technology.

Making consumers aware of antimicrobial benefits

As a manufacturer, you may try various strategies to provide a return on investment (ROI), such as increasing your advertising spend or launching new products, but you might not have considered infusing your products with antimicrobial technology. By infusing products with antimicrobials, companies increase product value that helps drive sales. This also helps you gain market share and increase your consumer purchase preference. However, to achieve this, you first need to make it clear and easy for your consumers to understand the benefits of antimicrobial solutions and why they should choose your product over that of your competitors.

The Microban team works with you to provide extensive marketing support so that your target consumer is able to quickly differentiate your product and understand its value. The key benefits of adding antimicrobials that are invaluable in influencing consumer purchase decisions are the following:

  • Harmful, stain and odor-causing microbial growth is inhibited on the surface of the product
  • Antimicrobial solutions extend product durability
  • Antimicrobial technology cannot be washed off and does not wear away
  • Antimicrobials help keep products fresher and cleaner for longer

How these antimicrobial benefits influence consumer purchase decisions

We’ve conducted hundreds of quantitative market research studies to understand the influence that antimicrobial technology has on purchase decisions. From consumer products to commercial products, building materials and textiles, our extensive research has proven the added value that antimicrobial technology can provide for both manufacturers and consumers. In a recent study, 53% of the consumers that we questioned stated a high likelihood to purchase products with added antimicrobial solutions in the next 12 months. And with the consumer demand continuing to grow, this interest will rise.

In one study, we offered consumers who were looking to purchase bath mats three different products. All of them were the same quality and price, and purchase intent for the brands was comparable. However, when we added a bath mat with Microban built in as an option, the consumer purchase preference for this Microban-aligned product increased by 45%.

Combine the benefits of antimicrobial technology with the Microban brand name, and consumer purchase decisions can be positively influenced. Our research shows that not only can manufacturers see an increased purchase intent of 15% when aligning themselves with the Microban brand name, but also they can charge an average of 11% more for their product.

With a plethora of case studies available for various industries and product types, we would be more than happy to share our specific findings with you. Please contact us for more information.

Interested in creating a line of products with antimicrobial protection built in?

If you’d like to learn more about the pros and cons of antimicrobials, or you’re interested infusing antimicrobial solutions into your product, it couldn’t be easier. We provide extensive support during the manufacturing process and offer dedicated marketing support throughout the partnership. Contact us today to learn more!