Microban to Present Sustainable Coating Innovations at European Coatings Show

Feb 20, 2023

Microban is excited to be an official speaker at the European Coatings Conference in Nuremberg, Germany on 27th March 2023.

Sustainability continues to be a primary driver in the coatings industry. Manufacturers are now having to consider VOC emissions, waste generation, energy and resource usage, and process efficiencies in the quest to develop more sustainable coating solutions. Furthermore, there is rising demand for coatings that enhance product longevity through the delivery of durable surface protection.

In an exclusive presentation at this year's European Coatings Show Conference, James Rapley, Product Development Engineer at Microban International, will be educating delegates on a key ingredient for developing sustainable coatings – antimicrobials. The presentation will cover how the technology works, methods for testing antimicrobial performance, and global regulatory considerations. James will also showcase the latest coating innovations from Microban and their compatibility with other protective features such as UV resistance and hydrophobicity.

Presentation Title: Antimicrobials - A Key Pillar of Sustainable Coatings
Date & Time:
March 27, 2023, 10.30 am CET (30-minute duration)
James Rapley, Product Development Engineer at Microban International
Location: NürnbergMesse, Nuremberg, Germany

The ECS Conference runs from 27-28 March and is a pre-event to the European Coatings Show. Featuring more than 120 individual presentations, the conference will provide a platform for some of the brightest talent in the coatings industry. Delegates will benefit from key insights into the latest coatings developments as well as unrivaled networking opportunities.

For more information on this event and how to register, please visit www.european-coatings-show.com.