Footwear stinks, but with Microban it doesn't have to

Jul 12, 2019

This August, Microban will exhibit at the Northwest Materials Show showcasing portfolio of odor management solutions for footwear and socks

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Sweat obviously creates a lot of the stink in your shoes and socks. To help neutralize and prevent that unpleasant odor Microban has a portfolio of odor management solutions that can help. The newest odor capture solution technology, Scentry Revive has evolved to control odor in socks and footwear.

Scentry Revive, a revolutionary odor control technology introduced in 2018, has evolved to work on synthetic and cotton based socks. Permeating sock yarns to form a protective barrier, Scentry Revive traps and neutralizes foot odor that comes in contact with a treated sock. This unique, patent-pending technology delivers unparalleled effectiveness at an attractive price point.

“It’s universally known that socks stink. They are the perfect environment for odor buildup. With Scentry Revive, the market has a powerful new treatment to keep socks smelling fresh,” said Brian Aylward, senior director of Microban Global Textiles. “Our introduction of Scentry Revive for socks is a significant step towards protecting garment, of all types, against the build-up of malodor.”

Easily integrated into existing dyeing and finishing processes, Scentry Revive also delivers key sustainability benefits of critical importance to buyers, including water and energy savings through the reduced need for laundering. Most significantly, because it prevents the odor build-up that causes consumers to discard socks, apparel, footwear and gear prematurely, Scentry Revive effectively extends the usable life of any product treated with it, keeping items out of landfills.

Microban has a wide array of solutions for different components found in footwear. Both fabric and foam can be treated resulting in less stink and durable freshness that extends the life of the shoe.

Through the journey to stop stink on apparel, socks and footwear, Microban discovered socks are the number one requested item in homeless shelters, sometimes over food. Because of this, Microban will be collecting new socks at its booth during Northwest Materials Show. All socks donated will be given to Hope Vibes, a NC based homeless charity. Anyone who donates a clean pair of socks, will receive a new pair of Scentry Revive-treated socks to test for themselves.

Stop by booth #1022 at the Northwest Materials Show, August 14 & 15, 2019 or contact us today to learn more!

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