Phifer to Feature New Lineup at IFAI Expo

Sep 13, 2018

With more than 60 years of weaving excellence, Phifer specializes in the manufacture of high-performance fabrics and meshes designed to provide everything from topnotch sun protection to stylish options for outdoor furniture groupings. Visit Phifer at Booth #843 October 16-18 for more information on their new and noteworthy products.

Microban partner Phifer Incorporated will showcase its newest outdoor performance, and interior and exterior sun control fabrics at the 2018 IFAI Specialty Fabrics Expo.

A Host of New Sun Control Offerings

In response to a growing demand for lower cost options where commercial fire certifications are not required, Phifer Incorporated is excited to introduce two new non-FR blackout and light-filtering SheerWeave fabrics for residential use.

SheerWeave Style 7200R combines total light blockage with a neutral yet subtly variegated pattern.

Style 7250R, an accompanying light-filtering option, uses the same face fabric and pattern of Style 7200R to allow natural light to brighten interior spaces.

SheerWeave Style 7700R offers a PVC-free blackout option for total light blockage and features a soft, textured pattern, evoking the look of grasscloth. Its counterpart, Style 7750R, filters natural light while maintaining the look of the face fabric of Style 7700R. A color-coordinated backing ensures the same neutral fabric color is shown toward both the interior of the room and glass.

Phifer has added seven new SheerWeave Style 7500 colors across popular neutral tones, dropping four colors to make room for these additions. Additionally, Phifer has unveiled a new Style 7500R, a non-FR version for residential use, in response to a growing demand for a lower cost option where commercial fire certifications are not required. Style 7500 is an attractive and unique, PVC-free coated, polyester blackout fabric that maintains high quality at an economical price.

With the growing demand for dual-color shading fabrics with combinations of darker colors, Phifer is excited to announce five color additions to its Style 2700 range of SheerWeave fabrics. 2700 Series fabrics are woven in a unique twill pattern that displaces the individual yarn. The result is a two-sided fabric that offers maximum performance in heat and glare reduction and improved visibility. The five new colors each use a black warp with five coordinating colors, allowing an architect or designer the flexibility of choice.

A new hue, Stucco, has been added to the SunTex 95 range, joining the current range of nine neutral color options in this fabric collection designed specifically for exterior roller shade applications. Made from vinyl-coated polyester, SunTex 95 blocks approximately 95% of the sun’s hot rays, offering increased heat and glare control for a cooler, more comfortable outdoor environment.

To view Phifer’s vast range of fabrics and meshes, visit Booth #843 at the IFAI Expo in Dallas, Texas.