New Microban Antimicrobial and Anti-Odour Technological Breakthrough for Appliance Gaskets

Feb 13, 2017

Posted by PRWeb | February 13, 2017

Microban® International, Ltd, has released an exciting series of solutions for refrigerator, laundry and dish washer gaskets. Gaskets are long known to be an unavoidably dirty part of appliances; they are seldom or never cleaned. However, the very nature of their function necessitates complicated geometries such as folds. These create crevices that can trap moisture and contamination. Overtime, microbial organisms such as bacterial biofilms and black mould fungus can grow. In addition, rotting material can release extremely foul smelling odors and contribute to partner complaints.

Microban has pioneered a unique line of chemistries that supply antibacterial, antifungal and anti-odour functionalities in a single, easy to use package for gaskets. Material selection of gaskets plays an important role for functionality in use, and Microban is experienced in additive selection to ensure full compatibility with the chosen material chemistry. While traditional chemistries have made use of arsenic-based antimicrobials to prevent biofouling, Microban’s new antimicrobial chemistries are Triclosan-free, arsenic-free and fully compliant with EU Biocidal Products Regulations (BPR). In addition, the new anti-odour functionality is a unique chemistry that is particularly effective in reducing sulphurous mercaptans that are associated with rotting material. This unique chemistry works in a catalytic manner and hence is not used up, unlike other odor absorption chemistries such as zeolites and activated carbon.

“These new technologies were developed due to strong feedback from consumers about their appliances,” stated Ivan Ong, VP of Research and Development at Microban International. “Bringing this technology to market is another example of Microban combining science with creative approaches to develop inventive solutions to solve real world problems."