Microban Wins Aegis Trademark Battle

Dec 26, 2016

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Microban International Ltd., a provider of antimicrobial technology and odor control solutions, won a judgment from Shanghai’s Greenchem Fine Chemicals Ltd., for fraudulent use of its Aegis Environmental Management Inc. (a subsidiary of Microban International) trademarks.

The Putuo District Court order declared that Greenchem Fine Chemicals Ltd. unlawfully continued to use the Aegis brand in sales and marketing materials after Microban terminated its distributor agreement in 2013, and throughout the trial. During its distributorship with Microban, Greenchem Fine Chemicals Ltd. secured several fraudulent trademark registrations for the Aegis trademarks in certain Asian territories.

Greenchem Fine Chemicals Ltd. has been ordered to immediately discontinue its use of the Aegis trademark registrations. A public apology has been ordered be published in the China IP Daily, before year’s end.

“This is an important victory for Microban,” said Lisa Owen, senior business director, global textiles for Microban. “Microban has always prided itself on the quality of its products, and we want to maintain the integrity of our brand. Aegis comes from only one place and that is Microban and its authorized distributor network. We could not be more pleased as to how this case was handled in court, and we look forward to putting this market confusion behind us and moving forward with our valued customers and partners.”

Greenchem Fine Chemicals Ltd. is no longer an authorized distributor of Aegis products, and is not permitted to sell products produced by Aegis Environmental Management Inc. or Microban Products International. Microban does not stand behind the quality, efficacy or regulatory compliance of products obtained from Greenchem Fine Chemicals Ltd.

Aegis Environmental Management Inc. is the lawful owner of the Aegis, AEM and Aegis Microbe Shield trademarks in Asia, Europe and the U.S. Microban is the sole owner of its antimicrobial product registration in Canada, China, Europe and the U.S.

Microban is headquartered in North Carolina with operations in North America, South America, Europe and Asia Pacific