Microban Celebrates 40 Years of Antimicrobial Solutions for Polymers at NPE 2024

Mar 22, 2024

Microban will exhibit at NPE 2024: The Plastic Show on May 6th-10th

Microban is exhibiting at the largest plastics tradeshow in the Americas

NPE2024: The Plastic Show boasts more than 55,000 leaders from over 110 countries representing every industry—automotive, healthcare, consumer products, construction, and more. NPE® is the largest plastics trade show in the Americas and one of the most innovative business events in the world.

The Microban team of experts will be there to showcase the latest antimicrobial innovations for polymers. To learn more, visit the Microban booth, S29175, in the South Hall. The show runs from May 6th - 10th at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida.

Book a meeting with Microban at NPE2024 or request a free complimentary show pass by completing the form below.

At Microban International, we strive to develop innovative technologies that imbue automotive, packaging, consumer, commercial, healthcare, and building products with added sustainability. Microban antimicrobial product protection can be incorporated into a wide array of industries and polymer products and offers numerous benefits, including:

Automotive and Transportation

Cleaner High-Touch Surfaces: Environmental conditions, frequent use, and cleaning lapses contribute to the unwanted growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew in automotive components and public transportation.

A recognized and valued Trustmark: The Microban brand has the highest consumer awareness in the industry, and it's proven and easily applied technologies make it a low-risk investment for manufacturers.

History of Safe Use: Microban technologies have undergone extensive independent laboratory testing and have a long history of safe use in plastic products. Microban technologies are registered with the EPA in the US, and the BPR in Europe.

Building Materials

Improve energy efficiency: By controlling microbial growth on surfaces, certain systems, such as HVACs, may require less energy to operate optimally. Improved energy efficiency contributes to reduced greenhouse gas emissions and aligns with sustainability objectives.

Prevents material degradation: Material degradation can have costly consequences, including the need to repair and replace building materials and expenses associated with temporary relocation or lost business.

Anti-fungal protection: Building materials typically contain starches, organic adhesives, and cellulose sugars, making them more susceptible to the impacts of mold growth over time. It’s estimated that 70% of homes in the United States experience uninhibited mold growth, and between trapped moisture, temperature fluctuation, and nutrient-dense materials – it’s no surprise.

Consumer Products

Cleaner and fresher products: Built-in antimicrobial technologies offer surface protection against odor-causing bacteria, mold, and mildew, resulting in products that work harder, so consumers don't have to.

Clean-to-green: Microban also offers technologies that are inspired by more sustainable ingredients and are heavy-metal-free.

Food contact: Selected Microban technologies are listed on EFSA, registered with the EPA, and permitted for use by the FDA in food-contact articles.


Extend material lifespan: Products featuring antimicrobial technology can resist deterioration and degradation caused by microbial growth.

Decreases chemical disinfectant use: Traditional cleaning and disinfection methods in healthcare facilities often involve harsh chemical agents. Built-in antimicrobials can supplement these efforts, reducing the frequency and amount of chemical disinfectants needed.

Enhance durability and maintenance: Surfaces with built-in antimicrobials are often easier to keep clean and maintain due to their resistance to microbial growth. This can result in reduced water usage and fewer cleaning supplies for upkeep.


Fresher for longer: Microban technology keeps packaging cleaner and fresher so that you can enjoy your consumables at their best quality.

Long-lasting protection: Built-in antimicrobial protection stays active throughout the life of the packaging, offering continuous defense against bacteria.

Sustainable choice: Microban technology helps you get the most out of your plastic packaging and minimizes waste by reducing deterioration and extending shelf life.