Microban redefines clean textiles at IFtex 2023, hosted by E-dyer

Jul 06, 2023

Microban International had the honor of presenting at the IFtex2023, hosted by E-Dyer, China's premier textile printing and dyeing technology exchange platform. Learn more.

[Shenzhen, China, June 8, 2023] Today, June 8th (2023) IFtex2023, hosted by E-dyer, China's leading textile printing and dyeing technology exchange platform, was successfully held in Hangzhou. To create a more effective technical exchange platform for the textile dyeing and printing industry upstream and downstream, as well as academic institutions, this year's seminar brought together domestic and international textile field-related enterprises, textile academies, research institutes, and textile association expert representatives. Mr Jason Zhang, Business Development Manager of Microban International, the world-leading built-in antimicrobial technology and odor control solutions, attended the seminar and delivered a presentation titled "Redefining Textile Cleanliness with Next Generation Antimicrobial and Odor Control Technologies". He discussed with the participants how to achieve long-lasting and sustainable freshness and cleanliness of textiles through a combination of tailored technologies for various usage scenarios. He shared Microban's cutting-edge antimicrobial and odor control solutions and market cases for textiles.

E-dyer Jason Zhang presentation 2023

Functional textiles with high-cost performance and sustainable qualities are more in demand today thanks to an uptick in consumption and the support of pertinent policies. In the post-epidemic era, 72% of respondents expressed concern about exposure to the commonplace germs in their living situations, according to a Microban market research study. At the same time, consumers surveyed are very appreciative of the built-in antimicrobial and odor control technology and are very optimistic about the future of this area. In addition to more reliable and functional products, consumers are more inclined to choose products with eco-friendly benefits. Microban research shows that up to 85% of respondents would actively choose more sustainable products to help protect the environment. Using sustainable materials and cutting waste emissions have emerged as two crucial initiatives, according to the companies surveyed, and sustainability has become an essential direction for global business strategies. As a ubiquitous necessity in daily life, how to ensure superior antimicrobial efficacy of fabric products, avoid odor and stain potential caused by microorganisms, and practice sustainable product attributes is a critical topic of concern for brands and manufacturers today.

As a professional brand with nearly four decades of experience in antimicrobial technology, Microban concentrates on the market demands of consumers and manufacturers, addressing the various challenges presented by different applications with cutting-edge antimicrobial and odor control technologies. Jason Zhang presented Microban's superior and effective textile solutions during the seminar to representatives from businesses and research organizations.

"Depending on use scenarios and manufacturing needs for textiles, Microban can use antimicrobial technology to suppress odors at source by eliminating microorganisms and can also use odor capture technology to capture odors from external sources and achieve odor neutralization. Microban's innovative and customized approaches assist products in maintaining long-lasting freshness and cleanliness, whether it be personal apparel or common household textiles." - Jason Zhang.

Refresh™, a representative technology of Microban's odor capture products, is made for polyester and polyester-blend fabrics. While effectively neutralizing built-up external odors in textiles to keep textiles, including underwear, footwear, and socks, fresh for a long time, this innovative technology, when applied to products, has no additional impact on hand feel, color fastness, moisture absorption, and other performance. The odor-neutralizing effect of up to 93% remains even after 30 household washes.

Refresh is a particle-free, one-component product that can be easily applied to fabrics during manufacturing and requires no extra preparation during the typical dip-dying and pad-dying process, offering more significant factory-friendly features. Refresh is a heavy metal-free technology that is both innovative and eco-friendly. With its exceptional odor-eliminating properties, the use of products equipped with this technology can effectively lessen the need for daily washing. This subsequently reduces household water and electricity consumption, extends the lifespan of the product, and lowers the disposal rate. Consequently, it creates a more sustainable and cost-effective textile product.

Mbns22 Microban Refresh Odor Capture MOA

Over the years, Microban has been deeply involved in various regional markets. With in-depth R&D experience and profound market demand insight, we continue to provide customers with efficient and sustainable customized technologies to build a professional brand in the antimicrobial and odor elimination field. Textile, a key business area for Microban, continues to inspire Microban to achieve solution refinement and technology innovation upgrades. With our cutting-edge antimicrobial and odor neutralizing technologies, Microban now enables the long-lasting cleanliness and freshness of clothing, footwear, home textiles, medical, and everyday equipment in key markets worldwide.

In the future, Microban will keep collaborating with more than 300 corporate partners globally and assume our civic duty to provide more environmentally friendly technologies that effectively safeguard consumers' day-to-day activities.