Microban® Partners with Pyrex® on Antimicrobial Food Storage Lid Seals

Nov 23, 2021

Microban has partnered with Pyrex to launch a line of food storage containers with antimicrobial technology built into the rubber seal of the lids.

Microban International is thrilled to announce the partnership with Pyrex, introducing a new set of glass storage containers with Microban antimicrobial product protection built into the silicone lid seals.

Airtight seals are great for keeping food fresher for longer, but trapped moisture and air can lead to unwanted microbial growth on rubberized seals that can be hard to clean. Together, the Pyrex and Microban brands have come together to introduce a proactive solution that helps reduce the growth of bacteria on the lid seals before it even starts.

The FreshLock Plus™ food storage set is a 10-piece bundle made up of pure Pyrex glass containers and airtight, leakproof locking lids. Microban technology is integrated into the lid seal to help prevent stain and odor causing bacteria growth on the seal. This new feature not only extends the products' usable lifetime, but also stays cleaner in between cleanings and gives end-users greater peace of mind.

Just in time for the holidays, give the gift of lasting kitchen organization (and the perfect place to store those holiday leftovers).

Pyrex® Containers Sealed with Microban® product protection