Microban Partners with Cintas to Freshen Public Restrooms

Jul 03, 2024

Cintas’ new SANIS urinal screens and scent clips with built-in antimicrobial technology from Microban help prevent bacteria growth, unsightly stains, and odors.

Microban International, leader in antimicrobial solutions, is partnering with Cintas Corporation to integrate antimicrobial product protection into the new SANIS urinal screens and scent clips, helping to prevent damaging bacteria growth that can cause both unwanted smells and unsightly stains for the life of the products.

Mbns24 Microban Partner Cintas Sanis Urinal screen confocal

Since the pandemic, 62% of consumers are even more concerned about odor-causing bacteria, mold, and mildew in public bathrooms.* As a global Trustmark in cleanliness, Microban’s integrated antimicrobial technology continuously reduces the number of microbes on treated products throughout their expected lifecycle. This added level of antimicrobial protection from a brand that consumers trust complements standard cleaning practices of commercial restrooms and extends the useful life of the urinal screens and scent clips.

SANIS Urinal Screens ensure free-flowing drains and are angled with an anti-splash texture that prevents splash back. The product’s flexible and non-rigid construction fits almost every urinal. SANIS Bowl Clips are offered in a new, larger size with fragrance release for up to 30 days. Universally designed to fit nearly any toilet bowl, Cintas’ Clip and Go, Clip and ThrowÔ technology enables Bowl Clips to attach snugly but are quick and easy to remove and replace. Both the SANIS Urinal Screens and SANIS Bowl Clips are now available through Cintas Commercial Restroom Cleaning Services.

“Integrating Microban antimicrobial product protection into SANIS Urinal Screens and Bowl Clips helps Cintas extend the cleanliness, freshness, and durability of the products backed by the Microban Trustmark,” said Michael Ruby, President at Microban International. “Keeping surfaces in the restroom environment cleaner between cleanings contributes to a superior guest experience, and we’re proud that Microban product protection delivers that benefit to the SANIS line from Cintas.”

For more information on Microban and its technologies, visit microban.com/cintas

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*RSG Brand Study 2022