Microban® Introduces OBPA Alternative for PVC Products

Feb 13, 2023

Microban International is proud to present MicroGuard™, a series of non-metal antifungal additives for PVC, PU, and EVA applications including foam.

HUNTERSVILLE NC, USA – February 13, 2023 // Microban International is pleased to expand its portfolio of antimicrobial technologies with the introduction of MicroGuard, a series of antifungal additives for PVC, PU, and EVA applications including foam. MicroGuard technology provides high antifungal efficacy and 24/7 built-in protection, preventing microbial degradation to extend the useful product lifetime.

This innovative solution from the global leader in antimicrobials is part of Microban’s commitment to bringing novel technologies to market with more friendly toxicity profiles than currently available agents. MicroGuard has been developed as a non-leaching antifungal agent comprised of active ingredients that are free from metals, offering an alternative to arsenic-based OBPA – a common antifungal additive – that is causing regulatory concerns due to its ability to contaminate water sources and harm aquatic life.

Michael Ruby, President at Microban International, commented: “We are pleased to introduce MicroGuard, a metal-free technology designed to combat fungal growth on PVC products, as well as on PU and EVA foams. MicroGuard’s more favorable toxicity profile is ahead of the curve in terms of shifts in the regulatory landscape concerning built-in antifungals for these goods, offering manufacturers a highly effective built-in solution to increase product durability.”

MicroGuard can be seamlessly integrated into PVC, PU and EVA products at the point of manufacture, and has been designed for use in a broad range of applications. The technology can be incorporated into outdoor PVC products – roofing membranes, tarpaulin, awnings and decking – and used to treat goods manufactured from PU and EVA foams, including shoe soles, furniture cushions and mattresses.

Dr. Souvik Nandi, Vice President of Technology and Innovations at Microban International, added: “MicroGuard has been carefully developed using our extensive in-house expertise to meet the diverse needs of PU, EVA and PVC manufacturers. Available in both pellet and liquid formulations, MicroGuard has global registration to offer manufacturers confidence in treating their polymer products.”

MicroGuard is available to brands and manufacturers globally, along with Microban’s support and expertise

Microban will be exhibiting MicroGuard at the AMI’s fifth PVC Formulation from February 21-22, 2023, where Mai Ha, Senior Product Development Engineer at Microban International, will be discussing how the next generation of PVC antimicrobials are creating a cleaner future. Microban will also be showcasing MicroGuard at booth 8725 in exhibit halls A-E at the International Roofing Expo (IRE) March 7-9, 2023.

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