Microban Engineers to Present at Upcoming Plastics Innovation Conferences

Feb 20, 2019

Burke Nelson, Ph.D. and Mai Hai, Ph.D. will speak at the International Rotomolding Congress and Plastics in Motion, respectively

mbns18_Dr. Burke Nelson News

Dr. Burke Nelson will present Rotomolded Antimicrobial Products - Challenges & Opportunities during the International Rotomolding Congress, February 27-March 2. As interest in antimicrobial technologies and incorporated antimicrobial features continues to grow across consumer, medical, and industrial markets, manufacturers of rotomolded products are in need of a roadmap to bring innovative new products to their industry and provide long term solutions to ongoing challenges. In this talk, Dr. Nelson will provide attendees with an overview of the process and discuss the challenges and solutions for maximizing antimicrobial technologies in rotomolding to meet the ongoing demands of the industry, ultimately manufacturing products that are cleaner and more durable.

Specializing in polymer rheology and process control, Dr. Nelson has developed a broad background in plastics processing using many different polymers in a range of different applications, seeking to use fundamental polymer properties to better control and optimize production operations. Dr. Nelson joined Microban in 2006 as a senior product development engineer, working with customers to incorporate antimicrobials into their polymer products, as well as developing new products to service these needs. He is currently the Director of Materials Engineering, coordinating the efforts of the Materials R&D Group at Microban.

In its fifth year, the International Rotomolding Congress is hosted by RotoPolymers and serves the rotomolding industry exclusively, offering molders, suppliers and experts and opportunity to gather and discuss the most important topics facing the industry.

mbns18_News Dr. Mai Ha

Dr. Mai Ha will present Antimicrobial Solutions for Automotive Plastics during Plastics in Motion 2019, March 4-7. Plastics in Motion provides a unique opportunity for automotive industry leaders to convene to discuss challenges and explore new technologies for utilizing plastics in the transportation industry. The presentation by Dr. Ha will highlight the issues associated with microbial contamination in automotive plastic applications and provide an overview of the role built-in antimicrobial technologies can play in solving these pressing concerns.

Dr. Ha is a Senior Product Development Engineer at Microban International. She has been a key engineer in customer focused projects and new product development. Her knowledge in incorporated polymeric products brings a unique skillset to Microban partners. She obtained her B.S. degree in Polymeric Material Engineering from Polytechnique University in Vietnam and has been working with polymers since 2002. In 2006, she received her M.Sc. degree from University of Oklahoma after working with emulsions and emulsion polymerization. Subsequently, she moved to the University of Houston and obtained her Ph.D. in nanocomposites and polymer blends. Since 2011, she has been working with Microban to make the world a cleaner place.

Microban International is the global leader in built-in antimicrobial product protection, celebrating 35 years of innovation across a number of industries. Our team of research and development scientists and engineers provide unique expertise to ensure that our partners' products meet maximum standards for performance and efficacy. Contact us today to learn more!