Microban Talks to Asian Ceramics About Pitfalls of TiO2

Nov 15, 2021

Microban spoke to Asian Ceramics about the risks associated with TiO2 and why ceramics manufacturers should be considering safer built-in alternatives.

Asian Ceramics

NORTH CAROLINA, USA - NOVEMBER 15, 2021 // Consumers have never been more aware of the threat posed by invisible microorganisms; the last year alone has highlighted the importance of cleanliness. Daily routines can, of course, help to keep homes clean, but these alone are not enough because surfaces become recontaminated with bacteria as soon as they are touched again. This issue has pushed companies to include antibacterial additives in their tiles, and some manufacturers have turned to TiO2 technology to protect their products.

Although this type of chemistry works in outdoor settings, TiO2's effectiveness for indoor use has been questioned. In addition, there are several health concerns related to the chemistry behind this option that both consumers and manufacturers need to be aware of.

In a recent article for Asian Ceramics, Microban discusses the pitfalls of TiO2 and explores safer built-in antimicrobial solutions for ceramic surfaces.

Visible Light: The Achilles Heel of TiO2 Technology

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