Lending a helping hand: Valued partner Veltia displays beautiful example of corporate social responsibility

May 04, 2021

Veltia, a manufacturer of commercial hand dryers and valued partner of Microban International, is leading the way in social responsibility through environmental and inclusivity initiatives.

BARCELONA, SPAIN – April 26, 2021 // From their start, Veltia has always set about to revolutionize their industry, be it through sustainability efforts or technological innovations. As a leading manufacturer of hand dryers with installations in places like the Statue of Liberty and the Johannesburg Airport, Veltia has stayed true to their commitment to produce eco-efficient appliances that reduce the overall energy load of the buildings in which they’re installed.

Buildings that adopt Veltia products can receive the LEED sustainable buildings certificate from the US Green Building Council. These dryers reduce energy consumption by 80%, while also eliminating the need for disposable paper towels and keeping noise pollution to a minimum.

Not only considering the environmental impact of their products, Veltia designs their robust machines with a patented acoustic dampening system (ADS) to give users an acceptable noise level. This intentionality in design allows for buildings to provide a comfortable and accessible experience to special needs visitors who may be sensitive to noise.

Veltia goes a step further in catering to those with special needs – not only considering the end-users of their products but providing employment opportunities for workers with diverse intellectual abilities by inviting them into the production process. Veltia manufactures their products in conjunction with the Taller Escola de Barcelona (TEB) cooperative group, where 100% of production employees have functional diversity.

“Helping others give sense to our work. Every day we think, what else we can give the society as a company,” said Mr. Miquel Canut, CEO and Manager of Veltia.

TEB’s mission is to achieve full social and labor inclusivity for people with intellectual disabilities. Since 1968, the cooperative has built a network of specialized housing centers, sports clubs, employment centers and more, to help give those with disabilities the place they deserve in society. TEB then works with clients across a variety of industries who welcome the placement of these intellectually diverse workers into their company. Veltia is one such client.

Catering to those with diverse intellectual abilities is close to the core values of Veltia, as they’re devoted to making the world a better place through strides in both innovation and corporate social responsibility.

Canut says, “We are committed to every single person that is part of Veltia. In our workforce we bet on diversity: gender, capabilities, and different nationalities.”

Learn more about Veltia’s core social values here.

Veltia CSR