Interfoam China: Microban recap

Jun 20, 2023

Microban International was honoured to exhibit at Interfoam China 2023. Read on for the full event summary.

Redefining foam with antimicrobial technologies

Interfoam China is an international exhibition representing the entire industrial chain for foams. Taking place in Shanghai from June 14-16, this year’s event showcased the latest innovations and trends in the foam industry.

Microban International was honoured to exhibit and present at Interfoam to spread the word about our latest antimicrobial innovations.

Sharing our expertise in an expert speaker session

Alex Feng, Technical Services Engineer at Microban China, presented to delegates from across the industry and spoke about the latest advancements in antimicrobial solutions for foam. In his insightful presentation titled ‘Redefining Foam with Next-Generation Antimicrobials,’ Alex delved into several key areas including:

  • The role of built-in antimicrobials in improving the durability of foam products

  • Common industries that stand to benefit from antimicrobial foams

  • Novel alternatives to heavy-metal-based antimicrobial formulations

  • How to navigate global regulatory landscapes and test methods

Alex Feng, Technical Services Engineer at Microban

Media roundtable: increasing our brand awareness across China

Microban was honored to engage with leading Chinese chemical and polymer media editors through an offline media briefing at the show.

The media roundtable garnered attention from prominent outlets, including China Chemical Industry News, Shanghai Chemistry, International Plastics News, and PU World. The active participation between the media and representatives of Microban China resulted in a series of insightful questions, reflecting genuine interest in Microban International and its technologies.


Notably, Tu Min from Shanghai Chemical Industry expressed her appreciation for the briefing, highlighting how it enhanced her knowledge of antimicrobial solutions. Chen Hongying from China Chemical Industry News echoed this sentiment, expressing interest in following Microban’s technology developments and looking forward to learning more about the company’s technology and R&D advancements in the future.

We would like to sincerely thank everyone who participated in the media briefing for their time, engagement, and continued support.

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