Huntworth performs their best with Microban Scent Control Technology

Feb 27, 2019

Huntworth's Stealth Heavyweight Hunting Glove with Microban Scent Control Technology wins Best Cold-Weather Gear for Predator Hunting by American Hunter .

Do you know that Microban Scent Control Technologies reduce 99.9% of body odor on garments and accessories - a performance feature that is essential for hunters? According to American Hunter our partner Huntworth has some of the best performing hunting gear you can find this winter season.

Microban treated Huntworth Gloves

What makes scent control clothing and accessories so essential for the avid hunter? Our technologies are embedded into the fabric to either prevent the growth of body odor or neutralize it once appears on the product. You can wash your clothes all you want but washing alone does not remove stubborn odor build-up. Microban offers durable odor protection for up to 50 home launderings.

Your prey may have incredible senses but we offer an extra layer of invisibility to keep you in the game. This particular scent control technology works like this:

Scent control tech diagram