The first shower glass protectant powered by Microban® for a lasting shine

Jul 20, 2021

Microban is proud to announce their partnership with HMI Glass, a leader in custom luxury glass manufacturing.

Microban International is proud to announce it has partnered with HMI Glass to develop specialty glass products with built-in antimicrobial action for smarter and cleaner shower enclosures. HMI’s C.10 Glass Protectant – featured on its products – is the first clear coating for shower glass that is formulated with Microban technology for invisible product protection against the growth of microorganisms.

C.10, powered by Microban, creates a long-lasting bond with glass and works around the clock to actively help reduce the growth of microbes, for noticeably less mold, mildew and early product deterioration. The technology is incorporated into the glass manufacturing process, becoming a permanent feature of the molecular structure, and never washes off or wears away throughout the lifetime of the coating. The glass protectant also repels water and oil-based substances, such as soap scum, for visibly cleaner shower enclosures with a lasting shine.

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Microban has 35 years of market leadership experience and is trusted by over 300 partners worldwide, applying its technical expertise to proficiently incorporate antimicrobial additives and odor control solutions for lasting product protection. Treated articles are inherently cleaner, fresher, and more durable, without ever compromising on style or functionality. The Microban trademark is recognized worldwide for innovative, long-lasting antimicrobial technologies, providing all users – from hospitality to homeowners – with a complementary strategy to cleaning and added peace of mind.

Eric Blaeser, Business Director at Microban International, commented: “We are thrilled to be working with HMI as the very first shower glass manufacturer to incorporate our proficient technology. Microban has proven efficacy against the broad spectrum of microbes typically found on shower glass, and works continuously to help minimize the incidence of staining, odors and premature product degradation. Prevention is truly the best way to achieve cleanliness, keeping products fresher for longer and reassuring users at a time when it matters most.”

Dana Waterman, CEO at HMI Glass, commented: “We are proud to partner with Microban to enhance the power of our shower protectant, offering the premium choice for maintaining high-end glass shower enclosures and specialty glass products. Bathroom cleanliness is a top concern for many of our consumers, whether in shared, commercial or private settings, and was ranked as the most important consideration for hotel guests, surpassing both price and location. With Microban technology, showers will be visibly cleaner so that end-users can spend more time relaxing and less time worrying.”