Antimicrobial Plastic


Antimicrobial Plastic Product Technology

Microban® technologies boost companies’ market values with antimicrobial plastic product protection solutions. Uniquely designed antimicrobial plastic additives endure an involved, thorough process that guarantees antimicrobial protection in plastic items. With assistance and open collaboration between our product development team and clients, antimicrobial plastic product technologies are succeeding in protecting product surfaces from the uncontrolled growth of stain and odor causing bacteria.

For an antimicrobial plastic solution technology to work, a solid planning phase must occur. Microban understands the vital nature of this step, assisting partners with product development after they’ve chosen to deploy an antimicrobial plastic product protection line. A product’s intended use, environment and expected lifetime are all considered when evaluating an antimicrobial plastic additives. Our engineering team utilizes the planning results to carefully design unique antimicrobial plastic additives technology for kitchen appliances, bathroom fixtures, paints and more. This phase ensures our formulas protect products from the inside out on a molecular level by inhibiting uncontrolled microbial growth.

Antimicrobial Plastic Additives

After formula testing is complete and the appropriate design is identified, Microban collaborates with partners to create masterbatches containing antimicrobial plastic additives in the development stage. Products are then examined for correct antimicrobial plastic performances, durability requirements and product compatibility to guarantee comprehensive antimicrobial protection. Moreover, the Microban brand is dedicated to supplying clients with additional resources such as patent counseling and marketing support. Experience the consistent protection of specially designed antimicrobial plastic today with Microban.