Product Development


Our Product Development Strategy Helps Antimicrobial Product Technology Succeed

Microban® has a product development cycle that supplies partners with efficient and thorough product development processes. Our knowledgeable development team is present throughout the relevant product development cycle stages to help you determine appropriate antimicrobial product protection planning, design and development. We have solutions to inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold, or mildew, regardless of the material composition of your product.


For a diverse array of powder coatings and liquid finishes on the market, Microban helps partnered companies implement protective antimicrobial liquid technology into their product lines. These solutions can be used to coat everything from gym equipment to lockers for extended cleanliness protection. Our cutting-edge antimicrobial liquid product technologies and vast engineering capabilities are versatile enough to conform to any product’s attributes.

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Microban technologies boost companies’ market values with antimicrobial plastic product protection solutions. Uniquely designed antimicrobial plastic additives endure an involved, thorough process that guarantees antimicrobial protection in plastic items. With assistance and open collaboration between our product development team and clients, antimicrobial plastics product technologies are succeeding in protecting product surfaces.

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After deciding to implement the strength of cutting-edge antimicrobial protection into a product line, our product development strategy team begins working with your company to develop each aspect of the project. Initial conversations help Microban determine how and where our antimicrobial compounds will assist with added product cleanliness. A product’s usages and environment greatly influence how Microban antimicrobial solutions are designed, making this a crucial planning step. Our product development cycle covers all bases during the initial planning phase before Microban engineers begin designing your unique solution.

Microban engineering is efficient yet thorough during the designing stage of our product development cycle. This gives companies the freedom to voice their opinions on antimicrobial solutions, enhancing a partner’s flexibility in giving their products what they need most in microbe-inhibiting protection. After accounting for vital factors such as product-compound interactions and targeted additive loading levels, an antimicrobial solution is designed based on these results to protect the product throughout its useful lifetime.

This leads us to the final product development cycle in the development stage. We communicate with partners to test newly designed compounds, ensuring proper antimicrobial functionality and compatibility with their manufacturing process. After any antimicrobial misnomers are resolved, the development stage comes to a close with the creation of product masterbatches. Another essential step for success, the development portion of our product development cycle prepares partners for new antimicrobial product technology implementation. Our team values open partner communication throughout the entire product development cycle. We encourage healthy collaboration efforts so we can provide you and your consumers with a cleaner, fresher, revolutionized product line that will create a competitive advantage in your market.