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Antimicrobial Testing Lab


Microban Antimicrobial Testing Labs

Microban® utilizes cutting-edge antimicrobial technologies and experienced engineers to design a turnkey antimicrobial masterbatch product protection solution for our partners’ individual products. We work with you throughout the process to ensure a timely turn around, maximized speed to market and most importantly, a fresher, cleaner, longer lasting product.

Microban also fuels antimicrobial additive innovation through several forms of laboratory engineering and testing in our antimicrobial test labs. After the testing phase is complete, the antimicrobial masterbatch product technology phase begins. Our engineering lab operates on-site developmental tools to create antimicrobial masterbatches and plaques, while our analytical chemistry lab extracts and analyzes additives from product samples at high temperatures to determine optimal loading levels for formulated antimicrobials. Qualitative and quantitative testing methods in our microbiology lab pinpoint a product’s antimicrobial and antifungal efficacy. After testing to identify the appropriate mix of antimicrobials, our experienced textile engineers formulate organic and inorganic compounds for a breadth of applications.

Analytical Testing

Our analytical chemistry lab is one of the industry’s leading analytical antimicrobial test labs, utilizing state-of-the art analytical equipment to assist our polymer, ceramic and formulation chemists during the development and process. Our chemists administer thorough testing and additive level comparisons in order to guarantee ideal antimicrobial integration.

Antimicrobial Testing

Microban International, a subsidiary of Barr Brands International (BBI), now offers independent and confidential microbiology testing services performed in our antimicrobial testing lab.

Microbiology Lab

Our microbiology lab performs over 20,000 tests annually using industry standard testing methods designed for a wide range of product substrates and antimicrobial technologies. Examining these angles through mold lab testing helps our microbiologists continue designing antimicrobial solutions for cleaner, fresher, stain and odor-resistant products.

Engineering Lab

Our materials engineering lab has extensive experience in utilizing our plastics testing laboratory to engineer organic and inorganic antimicrobial technologies into a wide breadth of thermoplastic and thermoset systems. Our engineers have a strong working knowledge of diverse manufacturing techniques including injection molding, plastic injection molding, rotational molding, and film and profile extrusion. This enables our engineers to develop antimicrobial solutions that ensure compatibility with your materials, manufacturing processes and available equipment.

Product Development

Microban has a product development cycle that supplies partners with efficient and thorough product development processes. Our knowledgeable development team is present throughout the relevant product development cycle stages to help you determine appropriate antimicrobial product protection planning, design and development. We have solutions to inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold, or mildew, regardless of the material composition of your product.

Technical Development

Our state-of-the art antimicrobial testing labs allow us to give our partners full service technical support and microbiology testing. Dedicated to innovative product development and technical prowess, Microban performs over 40,000 tests annually using industry standard test methods designed for a wide range of product substrates and antimicrobial product development technologies.

Quality Assurance & Testing

The Microban brand promises durable and effective antimicrobial protection to all partners. We supply a rigorous Quality Assurance Program to ensure both ourselves and our partners deliver on all antimicrobial promises. Following through and exceeding expectations are deeply engrained Microban values. Our team’s mission is to supply every partner with the best-fitting antimicrobial solution through thorough product testing in our antimicrobial test labs.


Our partners come to Microban for reliable and durable antimicrobial solutions for their products. With our innovative technologies implemented during existing manufacturing process, these same antimicrobial solutions are some of the most sustainable products on the market.