SilverShield® Technology – A Breakthrough in Keeping Fitness Facilities Clean

If you’ve ever spent time at a fitness facility such as a gym or a health club, you’ll know that they can become very humid, congested environments. Hundreds of people may use the same equipment and washrooms in a single day, and this makes the issue of cleanliness especially important. While staff have to work hard to regularly clean their fitness facilities, there is another solution that can help in the form of Microban’s SilverShield® antimicrobial technology. In this blog, we’ll look at why gyms and health clubs can become very dirty environments, and how SilverShield technology can be used alongside disinfectants as an advanced solution to the problem.

The Problem: Unclean Fitness Equipment and Facilities

Whether it’s cardio machines, yoga mats or free weights, the equipment offered at fitness facilities is designed to help you work hard and keep fit. However, with every use, a trail of sweat and microbes is left behind on the equipment that can grow and multiply. To ensure that attendees are not exposed to microbes, gym and health club staff have to work hard to carry out regular and thorough cleaning. However, in such busy environments, it can be difficult to get the time to thoroughly clean the equipment. As a result, fitness equipment can remain dirty and give off foul odors.

The Solution: SilverShield Antimicrobial Technology

SilverShield truly is a breakthrough in antimicrobial technology. With fitness equipment susceptible to sweat and skin cells, SilverShield is a powerful weapon against the spread of microbes as it works to inhibit their growth on the surface of the product that it has been built into. This advanced protection can be incorporated into objects such as cardio machines and free weights, as well as items such as washroom tiles and faucets, and does not wipe off or wear away. While it’s not designed to replace disinfectant, but rather complement the disinfectant in the fight against microbes, it can substantially help to increase cleanliness as it works around the clock to keep products, such as fitness equipment, fresher and cleaner for longer.

The Benefits: SilverShield Works 8x Faster Than Other Silver Antimicrobials

Due to its unique geometry and highly efficient release mechanism, the competition-beating protection reacts 8 times faster than other silver antimicrobials, while maintaining polymer durability and integrity. To give you an indication of its powerful and quick protection, recent tests found that SilverShield provides a 99% reduction of Salmonella enterica, E. coli, MRSA and VRE in as little as two hours, whereas competitors’ solutions often take up to 24 hours. Aside from being incredibly quick, SilverShield’s advanced solution limits the appearance of odor-causing microbes, helping to keep the product that it has been built into fresh, and SilverShield continues to work even if the product that it has been built into is scratched or nicked. Importantly, where disinfectants are likely to only last 120 minutes before microbes regain their foothold, SilverShield’s long lasting protection works around the clock to inhibit the growth of microbes.