SilverShield® Technology - Protecting Products Against Microbial Growth 8 Times Faster

Keeping surfaces fresh and clean can be a constant battle. Disinfectants help us to sanitize surfaces, but they alone cannot provide a long lasting protection against microbial growth that provokes stains and odors. In order to help manufacturers and consumers inhibit microbial growth on product surfaces, Microban created SilverShield® technology, a powerful antimicrobial technology that is unmatched when compared to other silver based antimicrobials and when used in conjunction with disinfectants.

What is SilverShield Technology?

SilverShield is a breakthrough in silver based antimicrobial technology. Infused into products during their manufacturing process, it provides a long-lasting and powerful protection against the growth of microorganisms on the surface of a product. The technology can be integrated into everything from hospital beds to cutting boards. Once implemented, it cannot be washed off and does not wear away. SilverShield technology is considered to be a breakthrough in antimicrobial protection as it works quicker and more efficiently than other silver based antimicrobials.

How does SilverShield technology compare to other silver based antimicrobials?

SilverShield technology is eight times faster than other silver based antimicrobials. It’s unique geometry and highly efficient release mechanism enable it to reduce bacterial counts on surfaces below safe levels within two hours at room temperate (25°C). This exceeds the standard for antimicrobial substances by more than 20 hours. While some silver based antimicrobials can also have negative effects on durability and longevity, SilverShield is different. The patented technology destroys microbial growth without sacrificing durability and longevity, ensuring that your product retains credibility.

Unlike other antimicrobial based silvers, SilverShield is not a nanotechnology. There is still concern around silver nanoparticles and how they affect both humans, animals and our environment. As a result, Microban does not use antimicrobial nanotechnology or nanosilvers. SilverShield antimicrobial protection is a safe silver based antimicrobial technology that is registered for use with the US Environmental Protect Agency and that passes all of the necessary safety regulations. Its proven safety means that it can be used in a variety of applications, including those that come in contact with food.

Its speed and efficiency make SilverShield the ultimate in silver based antimicrobial protection.

How is SilverShield technology integrated into products?

Microban works individually with manufacturers to develop customized formulations of SilverShield to suit each individual product before rigorously testing the formulations to prove their effectiveness. Microban ensures that there is no disruption caused to your current production process as the silver based antimicrobial technology is infused under your usual manufacturing conditions. Microban provides continuous support throughout the entire process and keeps you involved at all times in order to enhance your knowledge of silver based antimicrobial additives so that you can effectively understand the process of integration and the unique selling points of the protection.

To learn more about SilverShield technology and determine if you could benefit from infusing our silver based antimicrobial technology into your product range, simply fill out our contact form and we’ll be in touch with you.