Stop and Smell the Microbes

On a spring afternoon when it is sunny and 75°, the only thing you want interrupting your day is a tall glass of lemonade, not the odors and stench caused by bacteria growth on your outdoor furniture. Despite the sunniest days, warm and moist environments cause materials to get wet, providing the perfect condition for odor causing bacteria. To brighten your day – and your outdoor products – Microban® antimicrobial agents and additives inhibit microbial growth, keeping your products fresher.

Outdoor Furniture & Accessories Prone to Microbial Growth

Upholstered Seat Cushions

Understandably so, most people do not enjoy the tedious task of storing their outdoor cushions in a dry area between each use. Because these cushions tend to sit outside in all types of weather, moisture paired with a warm environment leads to the growth of bacteria.

Outdoor Furniture

Whether you store your outdoor furniture in the garage in between seasons or leave it covered outside, mildew and mold develop quickly in warm, dark, and damp environments. While you may think the discoloration of your brightly colored pool chairs are your biggest problem, your furniture is actually a breeding ground for bacteria and microbial growth. And without the presence of protective antimicrobial agents, microbes will continue to thrive in the same spot you enjoy soaking up the sun.


When it rains, it pours microbes. Umbrellas, which are meant to endure moisture and harsh weather, are still susceptible to microbial growth. You may have noticed your umbrella, that was once a cheerful yellow or orange, has been joined by some specks of mold or an unpleasant stench. Antimicrobial agents help protect the lifetime value of your outdoor products by inhibiting these unwanted stains and odors.

How Antimicrobial Agents Helped a Leading Manufacturer of Outdoor Products

Phifer Incorporated is an industry leader of outdoor furniture, solar control fabrics, and other engineered mesh and wire products. Understanding their consumers’ needs, Phifer worked exclusively with our team at Microban to create an antimicrobial agent for their fabrics that inhibited the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew.

Phifer’s Microban treated fabrics can be found in the following products:

  • SunTex® - Outdoor blinds & sun shades
  • BetterVue® Elite - Improved visibility insect screens
  • Phifertex® - Exterior outdoor furniture, like outdoor sling chairs

Like Phifer, your consumers will receive a peace of mind knowing that the products they purchase are effective at preventing the growth of bacteria throughout the entire lifetime of the product.

Contact us to learn how you can partner with Microban to integrate trusted antimicrobial agents into your products for more durable and long-lasting products, so microbes no longer steal your sunshine.