Odor Control Technology for Polymers

Polymers such as recycled plastic, resin and rubber play an essential role in everyday life. However, polymers can develop nasty odors during the manufacturing process, so much so, that they become unpleasant to handle or work with.

Once polymers are incorporated into consumer or commercial goods and sent out of the factory to be utilized by consumers in their homes or workplaces, the foul odor may continue to linger and often cannot simply be removed using common cleaning techniques.

Microban has developed Scentry® for Polymers, a unique odor control technology. Scentry is built into polymers during the manufacturing process to help nullify material odors, improve factory working conditions and benefit consumer and commercial products.

Scentry Odor Control Technology: How It Works for Polymers

The odor control technology is incorporated into the polymer during the manufacturing process. Once in place, it works to absorb and attract odors like an antimicrobial magnet. It does this by targeting odor-causing microbes and capturing them to inhibit their growth. Each recycled polymer material attracts different odors, so Microban’s team of engineers creates unique formulations for unique product applications. The formulation or antimicrobial ‘additive’ is dual-functioning as it combines odorcapture and antimicrobial technologies to help fight against stain and odor-causing microbes. Perhaps best of all, Microban’s Scentry for Polymers odor control technology is nontoxic and is proven to be safe for humans, animals and the environment.

Scentry Odor Control Technology: How It’s Incorporated into Polymer Products

Microban engineers work with polymer manufacturers to make the odor control technology integration as seamless as possible. Our goal is to cause no disruption to your existing manufacturing process. Customized formulations of the Scentry odor control technology are created for each product application. Each formulation is then tested with your polymer for both antimicrobial effectiveness and to ensure that there is no impact on the aesthetic or function of your product. Microban utilizes a comprehensive in-house testing facility to test and measure the odor control technology both before, during and after processing.

Microban compounds the polymer odor control technology into masterbatch additives and mixes it into the polymer during your manufacturing process. In-depth and thorough training is provided to ensure your staff have the capability to properly insert Scentry into polymers. The system ensures that the antimicrobial additives are safer to handle and easier to use.

To learn more about Microban’s Scentry for Polymers odor control technology, contact us today.