How Does Scentry® Odor Control Technology Work?

Activewear is often made from polyester, nylons and elastane blends, which have a nasty habit of retaining odors. Because washing alone does little to prevent or remove those odors, it doesn’t take long before your running shoes or yoga pants are rendered useless by an overpowering stench. Without an odor control plan in place, activewear and gear loses much of its potential product life once the permastink takes hold, which is extremely frustrating for consumers trying to stay healthy with an active lifestyle.

Contrary to what you might think, it’s not sweat alone that causes offensive body odor. The main causes of odor in textiles are carboxylic acids, such as (E)-3-methyl-2-hexenoic acid, isovaleric acid, aldehydes and ketones, all of which may cause persistent or permanent odor. The bacteria and microbes that thrive and multiply in warm humid environments feed on the organic material in sweat and produce odors from the metabolic process.

Understanding how body odor and subsequent textiles odor originates is essential to finding a way to prevent it with odor control technology.

What Is Scentry®?

Scentry, our odor control technology, works by forming a protective barrier on fabrics that traps body odor, preventing apparel from giving off an offensive smell during wear and between washings. During laundering, Scentry releases trapped odors, allowing them to be rinsed clear of the fabric. This keeps your activewear and gear smelling fresh between washes, which prevents the dreaded permastink from taking hold.

This patent-pending odor control technology is highly effective against odors caused by organic chemical compounds produced by sweat and bacteria. It reduces odor in clothing and footwear made from polyester, Spandex and poly elastane blends by 90+% for more than 50 typical home launderings, eliminating permastink from your life.

How Is Scentry® Implemented?

We understand that many variables go into producing consistent, high-quality and durable textiles, and we work closely with manufacturers to ensure that our odor control and antimicrobial technologies enhance and do not degrade any of a fabric’s characteristics. We listen to and understand our partners’ production processes and help them make Scentry implementation as simple and seamless as possible within their current manufacturing processes.

Scentry is a unique and durable odor capture finish for odor control clothing. It is compatible with other functional coatings and finishes and is easily added to the synthetic textile during the pad application process with no need for a binder.

It is also compatible with other Microban antimicrobial technologies, including SilverShield® and ZPTech®, for manufacturers who want to offer both antimicrobial and odor capture features within their product lines for full odor control.

Benefits of Scentry®

When you incorporate Scentry odor control technology into the manufacturing process of your textiles, you are producing a high-value, durable product that will last longer, smell better, and make your customers happier than products without odor control technologies. Since Scentry keeps textiles fresh between washes, permastink does not have a chance to set in, and consumers won’t wash the products time and time again out of frustration that the smell won’t come out. This means your odor control textiles will have an extended useful life.

The technology is also durable, showing no decrease in odor control performance even after 50 launderings. Consumers can enjoy the full benefits of the technology for the entire lifespan of the product. Of course, consumers will be thrilled that you’ve solved their permastink problem and will return to you for superior activewear and gear that fits their lifestyle and offers them more value than products by the competition. Contact us today to learn more about implementing Scentry or other Microban odor control technologies into your textiles