Examples of Antimicrobials in Textiles

Certain consumer products, like towels, workout clothing, socks, and footwear, have a common tendency to hold a lingering and unpleasant smell. These products are usually made up of synthetics, polyester, nylons, and elastane blend fabrics, which are naturally susceptible to odor and stains caused by bacteria. Unfortunately for your consumer, washing alone does very little to remove odor build up and is not effective at removing bacteria. Because of this persistent odor and stench found in fabrics, Microban® partners frequently ask us for examples of antimicrobial solutions that can help prevent and combat odor causing bacteria in textiles.

Examples of Antimicrobials in Textiles

When it comes to the fabrics and textiles that make up your products, protecting the surfaces of these fibers with an antimicrobial treatment is vital for ensuring a product’s lifetime value. Microban assists partners in the textile industry with a wide range of proven microbe prevention technologies.

Let’s take a further look into examples of antimicrobials that can extend the lifetime value of your products:

AEGIS® Odor Control Technology

AEGIS is a safe and effective example of antimicrobial technology that has been proven to eliminate odor-causing bacteria for over 30 years.

The active ingredient of AEGIS, which is applied to fabrics during the manufacturing process, forms a protective coating that bonds to the fabric at the point of application. The coating’s positive charge attracts bacteria, and when the odor-causing germs come into contact with the treated fibers, AEGIS punctures the bacteria’s membrane, quickly destroying it.

Typical applications for AEGIS technology are products like sportswear, socks, footwear, and home textiles. AEGIS also treats a range of fabrics, from synthetic leather, fleece, fiberfill, cotton, polyester, and PU foam.

More than just an antimicrobial technology, AEGIS is a sustainable solution that is free of arsenic, tin, and other heavy metals that could harm the environment after use. From pricing power and durability requirements to marketing support and regulatory counsel, AEGIS supplies partners—no matter where they may be—with thorough and advanced services to help deploy Microban odor control products.

Microban SilverShield® Technology for Textiles

A quick history lesson: Silver has been used as an example of antimicrobial solutions since 400 B.C., but it was not until 1972 that scientist discovered how silver worked to combat microbes.

Scientists discovered that in small amounts, silver disrupts the bacteria metabolism and prevents the bacteria from converting nutrients into energy, inhibiting bacteria survival, reproduction, and colonization. While silver based antimicrobials have proven effective at inhibiting the growth of bacteria in fabrics for many years, fabric durability and longevity are still often compromised with certain applications.

Many companies do not properly test solutions in regards to how garments are actually used and worn and add an antimicrobial silver treatment to clothing during fabrication. Ultimately, this negatively impacts the durability of the clothing and shortchanges the end user.

Microban commits to a purposeful approach to find the most advanced technology that works harder and wears longer. SilverShield combines the natural antimicrobial power of silver with Duralink™ technology to create a long-lasting bond to fabrics.

Unlike many other silver treated antimicrobial examples, SilverShield is bonded to the fabrics during the manufacturing process, thereby eliminating stain and odor causing bacteria and creating an end product that is highly resistant to wash and wear.

SilverShield protects fiber properties and maintains features in fabrics, such as color fastness, texture, and moisture management. This ensures that your consumer’s activewear and clothing will be protected against microbes when it comes in contact with sweat and warm, moist environments, and that the composition and quality of the fabrics will not deteriorate after washing.

In a recent study, Microban SilverShield treated activewear was tested against competitors’ silver-based antimicrobial-treated activewear. SilverShield was the only technology that continued to reduce 99.9% of odor-causing bacteria after more than 25 typical home launderings.

Your consumers deserve strong, long-lasting textiles. Commit to no odors, and no compromises with Microban antimicrobial technology.

Remember, not every company utilizes the same antimicrobials in the same way. The recent appeal of EPA approval from a nanosilver antimicrobial shows that not all examples of antimicrobials are applied in the same safe way that Microban applies our antimicrobial technology. We set the gold standard for antimicrobial performance and continually innovate to raise the bar, ensuring the latest technology without sacrificing safety. Contact us today to learn more about how you can implement these examples of antimicrobials into your textiles.