Increase Sales with Antimicrobial Additives

Equipping your product range with an antimicrobial additive can not only increase sales by providing a long-lasting, quality product for consumers, but it can also give you a distinct edge over your competitors, add marketing value to the product and boost product credibility.

At Microban, we don’t just work with our partners to find the right antimicrobial solutions for their product, we also provide continual support which extends throughout the manufacturing, sales and marketing processes as well. This is to ensure that our partners get the best results from working together with Microban, and see an increase in product sales.

Below, we’ll explain how antimicrobial additives can help you to boost sales:

1. Antimicrobial additives give your product a distinct edge over competitors

The Microban brand leverages your product by creating a unique selling point and differentiating it from any other competitor products. At Microban, we also give all our partners category and/or territory exclusivity, so that we can promise them a competitive advantage within the marketplace.

So far, we have helped over 250 companies create an important differentiator and grow their businesses. We enable them to use the Microban brand to improve pricing elasticity, enhance their product mix and gain market share, which has had a positive impact on product sales.

2. Leverage the Microban name to market your product with Antimicrobial Additives

As the international global leader in antimicrobial additives and protection, Microban is highly recognized worldwide and can even increase purchase intent of a protected product by 15%. Many existing Microban partners have already leveraged our name to create more brand awareness and drive an increase in product sales.

Not only can leveraging the Microban name provide you with a cost-effective marketing strategy, but it also provides partners with a long-term competitive advantage.

3. Antimicrobial Additives increase your product’s credibility with ingredient branding

In many cases, well-established and popular brands have further increased their marketing strength and success by partnering up with ingredient brands. For example, DELL® computers have “Intel Inside®”, North Face® jackets are made with Gore-Tex® and BISSELL® vacuum cleaners are infused with Microban® antimicrobial protection.

Ingredient brands, such as Microban, not only encourage consumers to make purchase decisions by providing them with the reassurance of a brand promise, but they also provide enhanced credibility in the performance of the product. The Microban brand is a valuable trustmark that will reassure your partners they’re getting durable and effective antimicrobial protection, and hopefully, increase the likelihood of an investment in your product.

For more information on how Microban can help to generate more sales for your product with antimicrobial additives, please feel free to get in touch by contacting us today!