Proactive Protecton to Create a Cleaner Kitchen Environment

written by Emily Best, North America Marketing Manager at Microban

Innovative Products to Help Avoid a Dirty Kitchen

The kitchen continues to be a primary area of concern for the public when it comes to cleaning. No one wants a dirty kitchen, but with the demands on people's time becoming more extreme, sometimes stopping to clean the kitchen countertops just isn't a priority. This is true in the home, in the workplace and in commercial food service environments. Hands actively contact processing containers, money, raw food, food packaging, cleaning substances, disinfectants, body parts, door handles, sink faucets, and human wastes on a regular basis during the day. High touch areas of the kitchen, including home appliances, utensils, countertops, sponges and other cleaning supplies can create ideal environments for the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew. Without proper handwashing practices, constant cleaning, and other interventions, these microbes can be transferred from surface to surface in the kitchen.

As the trend toward smart appliances continues to grow, consumers and other end users have come to expect more from the products they purchase. It's no longer enough to just manufacture a product that gets the job done. Added features are now necessary to create a product differentiation that can be highlighted at the point of sale. Proactive efforts to impact the growth of microbes on surfaces in kitchen environments can help provide all end users peace of mind and aid in mitigating the risks of cross contamination.

A New Outlook on Kitchen Cleaning

As manufacturers of products used in the kitchen environment look to identify proactive steps they can take to help address concerns related to cleanliness within the kitchen environment, the opportunity to add built-in product protection should be explored. Products that remain cleaner between cleanings and are easier to clean can make all the difference in delivering solutions for a cleaner kitchen.

Microban® offers customized antimicrobial treatments that can be integrated into hundreds of kitchen products and surfaces such as countertops, kitchen appliances, flooring, sinkware, utensils, and more. Contact us today to learn about how we help our partners bring powerful proactive protection into product lines around the world.

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