Antimicrobial Solutions for Fitness Centers

If you have ever been to a gym, you have no trouble believing that fitness centers can be difficult to keep clean. Each time someone uses a piece of fitness equipment, they leave behind a trail of sweat and microbes. If the machines aren't cleaned regularly, the humid atmosphere will cause the microbes on them to multiply quickly. Eventually they will develop into stains and unpleasant odors unless you have antimicrobial solutions in place to prevent the growth of microbes.

In a busy fitness center, the growth of bacteria and odor-causing microbes can get out of control fast. If it does, visitor health will be put at risk and the equipment and facility will begin to stink from the odor-causing bacteria. In general, most visitors are at least somewhat concerned about the level of bacteria on their hands. Put their minds at ease by incorporating antimicrobial solutions like Microban SilverShield® technology into fitness equipment to prevent the growth of microbes and bacteria.

Antimicrobial Solutions: How SilverShield Works

Typically, objects can claim antimicrobial effectiveness with tests run at body temperature (37°C) over a 24-hour period, whereas SilverShield reduces bacterial loads below safe levels within 2 hours at room temperature (25°C). These more rigorous criteria more closely approximate real-world use, where objects are far more likely to be at room temperature than body temperature.

SilverShield is not designed to replace a disinfectant, so fitness equipment will still need to be cleaned regularly. However, with these antimicrobial solutions in place, equipment will stay microbe-free and germ-free longer between cleanings. Silver is constantly presented on the surface of equipment treated with this technology, and is ready to be released 24/7.

How SilverShield Is Implemented into Fitness Equipment

Microban® works individually with fitness equipment manufacturers to make antimicrobial solutions like SilverShield integration as simple and seamless as possible without disruption to existing manufacturing processes. Our engineers develop and test customized formulations of SilverShield for each individual product.

These custom formulations are tested with manufacturers’ own polymers both for antimicrobial effectiveness and to ensure that SilverShield will not degrade or decrease the aesthetics or function of any part of the equipment. By providing SilverShield to manufacturers in masterbatches and training manufacturing staff on its proper use, Microban silver technology makes it very easy to properly insert SilverShield in polymers.

Partnering with Microban on Antimicrobial Solutions

Microban is committed to collaborating openly with our partners throughout the product development process. During planning, our team discusses all important factors surrounding your product and the designated antimicrobial solutions to be implemented. After all planning is complete, the Microban engineering team takes projects to the next level with additive design.

Numerous formulations are tested before we pinpoint the most suitable antimicrobial solutions for your products. Once the ideal mixture is identified, Microban tests for product compatibility, durability and appropriate antimicrobial performance. As product development ends, our team begins assisting partners with regulatory approvals, patent counseling and more.

Ready to take the next step? Contact us to start implementing antimicrobial solutions into your products today.