AEGIS® Odor Control Technology

If you’ve ever had to put your favorite shirt right back in the washing machine for a second time, it’s probably because of odor-causing bacteria. Without odor control technology unprotected fabrics support the growth of bacteria—and washing alone is rarely enough. The only way to truly combat the foul, lingering smell is by combating the odor causing bacteria at the source AEGIS® does exactly that.

About AEGIS® Odor Control Technology for Apparel

The active ingredient in Microban’s AEGIS® forms a protective barrier that can molecularly bonds with fabrics upon application. Bacteria are attracted to the barriers’s positive charge, and upon coming into contact with the treated fibers, those odor-causing culprits quickly die. Plus, the odor control technology works continuously to protect garments between launderings.

For over 30 years, Microban has been manufacturing and distributing AEGIS®, an odor control technology for apparel and footwear, and is the sole owner of its product registrations in the US, Canada, Europe and China. As one of the first, most trusted and well-respected brands in the odor-fighting category, AEGIS® stands alone among the many competitors who claim to use our technology or equivalent. The reason is simple – they don’t have AEGIS®; only Microban and its distribution partners do.

Odor Control Technology & Protection with AEGIS®

AEGIS® and AEGIS EXCALIBUR® products have proven efficacy and regulatory compliance you can count on. AEGIS® Environmental Management Inc. (a subsidiary of Microban International) is the lawful owner of the AEGIS and AEGIS Microbe Shield trademarks, both in the U.S., Europe and Asia. Microban has always prided itself on the quality of its products, and we want to maintain the integrity of our brand.

Don’t be fooled. There is only one AEGIS® odor control technology. There is only one Microban. Together, they control odor like no other technology.

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