bluesign® Partner: What It Means for Your Antimicrobial Fabrics

Antimicrobial Fabrics and the bluesign® System

As a bluesign system partner, Microban® antimicrobial technology for fabrics is committed to sustainability and ensuring all antimicrobial products and processes are safe for the environment. The bluesign system is the solution for sustainable textile production, eliminating harmful substances from the beginning of the manufacturing process and setting standards for environmentally friendly and safe production.

The bluesign system unites partners in the textile industry worldwide through managing natural resources responsibly, reducing water and air emissions, improving waste water treatment and generally reducing its ecological footprint. Through the bluesign system partnership, Microban is working towards achieving the highest industry standards in conserving valuable resources, minimizing environmental impacts, and furthering brand and mill partner sustainability, while maintaining the level of antimicrobial fabric performance we provide to our partners.

Current Antimicrobial Technology Approved by bluesign

In May 2016, Microban received bluesign approval for the ZPTech® technology, a wide-spectrum antimicrobial for textiles that helps prevent and control odor. ZPTech allows for the production of antimicrobial fabrics, clothing, and other textiles that are frequently subject to environments where microbes thrive. Microban ZPTech is based off zinc technology and works to inhibit the growth of microbes by interfering with the ion gradient in the cell wall. This interferes with the ability of the microbes to consume nutrients so that the bacteria or fungi lack the necessary nutrients to survive. Microban ZPTech antimicrobial technology is not consumed during its action against microbes, so it is not depleted or destroyed.

Microban Commitment to bluesign Approval

Additionally, Microban is committed to obtaining bluesign approval for its complete textile portfolio including aegis®, aegis excalibur® and SilverShield® to offer our partners a full suite of solutions for antimicrobial fabrics and textiles that are sustainable and environmentally friendly. Interested in learning more about antimicrobial chemistries used for odor control protection? Contact us today!