Science of Smell and Odor Control

For the last thirty years, we’ve been on a mission. A mission to know everything there is to know about smells and odors, so that we can more effectively develop odor control technologies to provide consumers with protection that lives on. It’s why our teams at Microban® have spent countless hours researching in the lab and testing in the field.

Our Microban teams’ hard work and dedication has enabled us to revolutionize odor control technologies—technologies that extend the useful life of clothing and never compromise performance.

The Science Behind Smells & Odor Control

It all comes down to science. Odors come from microorganisms that feed on moisture, heat and humidity. At Microban, we’ve been able to identify superior methods of eliminating those microorganisms in footwear, apparel and textiles—methods that never sacrifice performance. It’s why companies across the globe turn to us to protect their products with odor control technologies that make them even better.

From EPA-registered products to patented bonding systems, Microban offers our partners the most innovative, reliable and cost-effective way to establish a stronger presence in the marketplace. There is no better way to harness smells and integrate odor control into your products—and no better way to give consumers what they want.

Microban’s Odor Control Technology Benefits

When we say protection that lives on, we mean it. Not only do our odor control technologies protect your products, but also protects your brand. Plus, our technologies allow your consumers to focus on more important things—and having happy partners is never a bad thing.

Although we’ve set the industry standard for quality and innovation, we’re not done. At Microban, we will continue to search for even better solutions to meet consumers’ demands. After all, we’re on a mission. 

Learn how we do it.