Explore Microban Odor Protection at the 2018 Performance Days Fabric Workshop (April 18-19th)

Performance Days Odor Protection

Right in line with the spring season’s sourcing schedules, the Performance Days Fabric Fair is just around the corner on April 18th. With over 177 exhibitors from 24 nations, Microban® will be an exhibiting for our fourth time. During this Performance Days Fair, we are excited to be highlighting our most recent odor protection technology and fabric innovations during a breakout workshop.

Performance Days Fabric Fair Workshop Details

Workshop Overview: New Advances in Odor Control – Microban Debuts a Revolutionary Odor Capture Technology 

Presented At: Performance Days, Munich 

Dates + Times : Wednesday, April 18th 2018 11:00-12:00 and 14:00-15:00, Thursday, April 19th 2018 11:00-12:00

Location: 2nd floor, Room R05

Microban Raises the Bar with Odor Protection Technology

During our workshop, we will be debuting a revolutionary odor capture technology that surpasses industry standards. Imagine an odor neutralizer that keeps your clothes smelling fresh for up to five wears without washing. By attending our workshop, we will demonstrate how Microban has continued to raise the bar when it comes to keeping your clothing and apparel fresh.

The hour-long workshop will be lead by, Europe’s Head of Textiles Business Development, Zsolt Huszagh and Director of Odor Control Research & Development for Textiles and Liquid Based Products, Brian Aylward. Together, they will be breaking down science behind Microban odor protection and fabric innovations – including the design and science behind our debut odor control solution. It’s something you will want to be the first to see.

Experience Rooted Deep in Odor Protection and Control

Beyond the odor capture technology that will be revealed on April 18th at the Performance Days Fair, Microban has been a leader in the science, product development and commercialization of odor prevention and odor control technologies.

Our arsenal of odor control technologies work to keep a vast range of products protected from the harsh odors, stink, bacteria, and mold that ultimately lead to product degradation and unpleasant smells.

Our line-up of odor prevention and protection is made up of Scentry®, aegis®, ZPTech®, and SilverShield® technologies. These technologies work to protect different textiles and products in various ways, and their range of odor control applications include, but are not limited to:

Sportswear | Socks | Uniforms | Towels | Footwear | Fiberfill | Uniforms | Outerwear | Camping Gear | Intimates | Medical Textiles | Bedding | Mattress Pads | and more

Registering for our odor protection and fabric innovation workshop at the Performance Days Fabric Fair is simple. Head over to our Workshop page to download an application or for details on how to email us your completed application.

If you cannot attend the Performance Days Fabric Fair but are interested in learning more about partnering with Microban for odor control solutions, contact us to today to speak with one of our odor control experts!