Odor Control and Micro Prevention Applications: Closet

Home to your clothes, socks and variety of other items, the closet is often an overlooked environment when it comes to the growth and spread of harmful bacteria. Whether you realize it or not, these items are often the culprits for harboring odor-causing bacteria. Despite the obvious benefit of scent control, antimicrobial and odor prevention technology also extends the lifespan of your clothing by targeting the microorganisms that accelerate wear and tear through product protection.

We take a closer look at the closet and the importance of having Microban® micro prevention and odor control technologies built into products for optimal product protection and shelf life.

Scent Control Clothing & Footwear

When you think about all the different types of clothes and footwear in your closet, you likely have your favorites. Those favorites are often worn frequently, and sometimes repeated between washes, while others are left hanging for months at a time. Imagine if you owned the odor control versions of these items, which would make repeated wear easier and a built-in product protection to make it more practical.

At Microban, many of our partners are working with us to develop scent control solutions to provide consumers with an answer to the age-old odor control problem. While regular cleanings and launderings help, Microban antimicrobial product protection becomes a permanent part of the product, preventing microbes from growing or reproducing.

Closet Surfaces Armed with Micro Prevention Technology

Many manufacturers are beginning to see the value of creating scent control clothing and footwear products for increased product durability, but that’s only part of the solution. Arming textiles and surfaces, such as closet shelving and hardwood floors, with built-in antimicrobial protection for increased odor prevention provides a higher level of continuous protection against common bacteria. Not only does this reduce odors that can be easily masked with room sprays and deodorizers, but it also prevents future growth and reproduction of microbes that can cause product staining and accelerated wear and tear.

Microban Antimicrobial and Odor Control Technology

We provide a wide variety of different antimicrobial and odor control technologies to our partners. All of our micro prevention and odor control solutions are closely regulated by the EPA and registered for specific product use. Regardless of your application, whether that is scent control clothing and textiles or built-in surface protection for closet shelves and hangers, Microban works with you to develop customized solutions.

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