Let’s Get Digital with Antimicrobial Treatments for Electronics

On average, a moderate cell phone user touches his or her phone 2,617 times a day, while an extreme cell phone user touches their phone over 5,400 times daily.1

Have you touched your cell phone yet today? How about your keyboard or computer mouse? Chances are, you have touched at least one of these electronics over a dozen times today already. With such considerable contact day-to-day, these electronics are highly susceptible to the growth and spread of microbes, which is why our team at Microban® works diligently with our partners to find antimicrobial treatments and solutions for electronic products

Ctrl + Alt + Delete Bacteria and Microbes with Antimicrobial Treatments

Believe it or not, your computer keyboard is actually one of the dirtiest items in a typical office and seldom receives the proper cleaning. Because of its high-use paired with the seldom cleanings, keyboards are hotspots for microbial growth and bacteria. 

In addition to keyboards being a hotspot for microbial growth, there are many other electronics that see their fair share of microbes and benefit from Microban antimicrobial treatments, such as: 

  • Cell Phone Cases
  • Computer Mice
  • Remote Controls
  • Treadmills and Ellipticals

Microban antimicrobial treatments for electronics, like keyboard product solutions, work by inhibiting microbial growth to protect electronic surfaces and keep them cleaner between cleanings. Since our antimicrobial treatments work on a cellular level, they are able to disrupt and prevent the replication of bacteria from a product’s onset. 

Finding the Right Antimicrobial Treatment for Your Products 

At Microban, we understand that antimicrobial treatments are not one-size-fit-all solution, which is why we openly collaborate with our partners throughout the entire product development process to create the best treatment. 

Through years of fine tuning our solutions, we’ve developed versatile antimicrobial treatments for all product types that are added to electronics during the manufacturing process to keep products resistant to microbial growth and unwanted odors. 

Our built-in antimicrobial arsenal includes solutions like: 

  • SilverShield® – an antimicrobial treatment that utilizes the antimicrobial properties silver to of reduce the presence of Salmonella enterica, E.coli, MRSA and VRE. 
  • ZPTech® - uses both silver and copper technology to inhibit microbial reproduction and is effective against the growth of bacteria and fungi. 
  • Microban Antifungal Protection – a built-in antifungal solution that protects products like caulks, sealants, paints, coatings, and cements from the growth of microbes. 
  • Microclean® Visible Cleanliness – an advanced antimicrobial treatment suitable for plastics, concrete, cementitious grout, stainless steel, ceramics, powder coated steel, and paint, that won’t disrupt the appearance or durability of the product. 

If you are ready to say Ctrl + Alt + Delete to the microbes that degrade your electronic products, contact our team today to learn how antimicrobial treatments can continuously work to keep your products resistant to odor causing bacteria. 


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