Microban® additive technologies can be used to protect foam, paper, cellulosic media, metal and even concrete from the negative effects of microbes.

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Antimicrobial Solutions for Foam

With access to more than 25 antimicrobial agents, Microban engineers can customize antimicrobial solutions for your specific foam formula. We work closely with polymer manufacturers to create cleaner, fresher and more durable foam products without disrupting your existing production processes.

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Antimicrobial Paper and Cellulosic Media for Hard-to-Clean Applications

Forestry products such as paper and cellulosic media are used in a variety of difficult-to-clean applications. As a consequence, they are often exposed to bacterial and fungal growth that can cause premature degradation, staining, bad odors, and even human illness. Research has shown that harmful bacteria such as E. coli and S. aureus can survive on office paper for up to 72 hours!

Microban's portfolio of antimicrobial agents help keep paper products cleaner by inhibiting the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew. Our customised chemistries are incorporated into paper products at the point of manufacture or as a post-treatment coating and will provide ongoing protection for the expected lifetime of the product.

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Antimicrobial Metals for More Durable Products

Microban® antimicrobial agents can be applied to metal surfaces in the form of an epoxy coating. The technology will work to protect the surface from damaging microbial growth, so long as the coating remains intact. Common applications include stainless steel, kitchen appliances, aluminium composite panels, and color coated steel sheet metals.

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Excalibur concrete corrosion solution mtime20190225200931

Reduce Maintenance Costs with Antimicrobial Concrete Corrosion Inhibitor

Unlike traditional approaches to addressing the issue of microbially induced corrosion in concrete (MICC), Microban® Excalibur™ antimicrobial technology offers unique dual action protection against concrete corrosion, combining antimicrobial effectiveness against the growth of acid-producing microorganisms with increased hydrophobicity.

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