Antimikrobieller Schutz für Gesundheitswesen und Krankenhäuser

Optimieren Sie die Sauberkeit von Umgebungen im Gesundheitswesen, in denen es auf die Hygiene ankommt, indem Sie Ihre Produkte und Geräte um einen zusätzlichen Schutz vor dem Wachstum von Bakterien erweitern.

Antimicrobial Health Products and the Patient Environment

Nosocomial (hospital-transmitted) infectionsaffect more than 1.7 million people annually in the United States alone. New research has shown that the patient environment is just as important to the general well-being of the patient as the nurse's hands. When entering a hospital room, doctor's office, or outpatient facility, you will encounter a variety of bacteria. The facilities have cleaning routines, but the training and compliance monitoring systems are still in their infancy. As solutions to these problems continue to be developed, innovative technologies incorporated into materials used in healthcare are an important part of a systematic approach to ensuring cleaner healthcare facilities.

Microban technologies are incorporated into the products at manufacture to inhibit the growth of the harmful organisms that are present in healthcare environments. Laboratory research has shown that Microban's custom antimicrobial technologies for medical devices reduce bacteria such as MRSA, VRE and Ecoli by up to 99.9%. Antimicrobial products for healthcare benefit from the additional level of protection provided by embedded technologies. Even after repeated contamination, these products stay cleaner between cleaning cycles. It also reduces the spread of bacteria on surfaces that are frequently touched. As they are added during manufacture, these technologies form part of the molecular structure of the treated items,

Mbns18 Antimicrobial Protection Environments Healthcare Hospital Confocal

Prevention of antibiotic resistance and incorporated antimicrobial agents

The worldwide attention to the growing problem of antibiotic resistance has led to some misunderstandings related to incorporated antimicrobial agentsguided. Antibiotics are a class of antimicrobial agents. Integrated antimicrobial agents, although assigned to the same group, are very different from antibiotics. These integrated technologies are used for product preservation, odor control and avoidance of staining microorganisms and can enable permanent microbial reduction for certain materials. Although the terms “antibiotic” and “antimicrobial” are often used interchangeably, there is no connection between the development of antibiotic resistance and embedded antimicrobial protection.

Indeed, the use of incorporated antimicrobials can help prevent antibiotic resistance. Because embedded antimicrobial technologies help prevent certain types of bacteria from growing, there are fewer organisms in the patient environment that patients and staff may come into contact with over time. By reducing the number of bacteria and using consistent cleaning and disinfection methods, fewer antibiotics need to be used to treat the bacterial strains present in the respective environment.

Health products and equipment that benefit from embedded antimicrobial protection

Microban International was originally founded by two biomedical engineers to develop technologies specifically for use in healthcare. With approvals from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the US and under the Biocide Directive in Europe, the Microban portfolio of active technologies is uniquely suited for incorporation into a range of different healthcare products .

Mbns18 Healthcare Environment Medical Instruments
  • Mobile trolleys
  • Surgical drapes
  • Medicine dispenser
  • Medical curtains
  • Shelving systems
  • Office equipment and electronics
  • Dental splints
  • Medical instruments
  • Medical scales
  • Hospital beds
  • Healthcare textiles
  • construction materials
  • Furniture and seating
  • Cleaning accessories
  • colour
  • Healthcare shoes

In addition, the extensive expertise of Microban's research and development team ensures that the technologies can be incorporated into a variety of substrates for healthcare products, including plastics, Coatings and textiles .

Add value to your healthcare product offering and contribute to cleaner care environments with proven antimicrobial protection.

This information is based on standard laboratory tests and is provided for informational purposes only. All claims related to the cleanliness, hygiene and sterility of medical products are regulated by the FDA. Many of Microban's antimicrobial additives can be used in conjunction with medical devices with device approval from the FDA.