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Antimicrobial Technologies and Odor Control Solutions

Microban International is home to the world's leading product protection ingredient brands - Microban® and Ultra-Fresh®. Our unique formulations are engineered into thousands of substrates worldwide, empowering brands, manufacturers and innovators to deliver meaningful product features that address the needs of their customers.

Microban's extensive technology portfolio represents the world's biggest range of additives, offering a choice of both metal-based and metal-free chemistries. These solutions are safely utilized across a broad range of sectors, including automotive, consumer electronics, construction, food service, home appliances, packaging, and healthcare. Our unrivaled expertise means we can develop customized technologies that will not disrupt your manufacturing process or affect the final finish of your product.

Antimicrobial Technologies

Antimicrobial technologies help eliminate degrading microbial growth on products and surfaces 24/7.

Odor Control Solutions

Odor control technologies effectively combat odors in textiles and help extend product lifespan.