Antibacterial Markers from CARIOCA® and Microban®

Part of Universal s.p.a., CARIOCA® is a leading Italian manufacturer of coloring, writing, and drawing instruments for children. The company is headquartered in Turin - one of the most important writing districts in Italy - and exports more than 70% of its production to over 80 countries across 5 continents.

CARIOCA® Writing Products

The CARIOCA® product range currently includes markers, colored pencils, tempera, pastels, educational games, and many other drawing items, all made and tested with the utmost attention, quality, and safety. CARIOCA® felt-tip inks are produced entirely in its Settimo Torinese factories, using food-grade dyes and ensuring unbeatable levels of washability and shine. Thanks to its sophisticated electromechanical machines, the company is able to produce more than 2,000,000 pens and markers daily.

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CARIOCA® Baby: The First Range of Antibacterial Markers Powered by Microban®

Young children learn by exploring through all five senses. For them touching, hearing, but also tasting are a source of discovery and knowledge. CARIOCA® knows this all too well, which is why the company is committed to developing writing tools that not only nurture a child's creativity but also stay hygienically cleaner for longer.

CARIOCA® has partnered with Microban International to develop the first line of children's markers enhanced with Microban® antibacterial technology.

The teddy markers, designed for the hands of the very young, are protected from bacterial growth 24/7 and for their expected lifetime. The treatment is invisible, working continuously in between regular cleaning practices to keep the markers cleaner. This allows parents to worry less about bacteria and focus more on playtime with their little ones.

Giorgio Bertolo, General Manager of CARIOCA®, commented: "This innovative product responds to the greater sensitivity of parents to the health and safety of their children."

Giorgio continued: "For CARIOCA it is important to focus on safety and innovation, bringing the BABY range to an even higher level of safety by exploiting new technologies such as that of Microban. So children are free to get dirty, no worries for their parents."

How Does Microban Technology Work in CARIOCA® Children's Markers

Microban® antibacterial technology is integrated into the plastic components of CARIOCA® teddy markers at the stage of manufacture. The technology works by penetrating the cell membranes of contaminating bacteria, meaning they cannot grow or reproduce on the treated product and are subsequently reduced by up to 99.9%.

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    Key Benefits of CARIOCA® Antibacterial Children's Markers

    • Protected against the growth of E. coli and S. aureus by up to 99.9%
    • More hygienic to use
    • Proven to stay cleaner in-between cleaning and easier to keep clean
    • Less likely to prematurely degrade, crack or break as a result of bacterial growth
    • Added peace of mind for parents
    • Contain a registered antibacterial technology with a long history of safe use
    • Ergonomic shape designed for children aged 12-months+
    • Super-washable, nontoxic ink - removable from skin and fabrics with just water
    • Dermatologically tested

    Creating A Cleaner Today for a Brighter Tomorrow

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