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Microban® is committed to supplying our current and future clients with educational resources. From learning what a microbe is to understanding how Microban conducts thorough antimicrobial research and testing, our resources section assists you with your own antimicrobial research.

Consult our FAQs page to learn how antimicrobial protection works, its effectiveness and its longevity. Check out our videos to watch our antimicrobial solutions at work, or review our mold and bacterial testing procedures. Take a look at all of our educational materials to better understand the strength behind the Microban brand. One of our goals is to provide a variety of resources for those conducting antimicrobial research.

Let our cutting-edge technologies and antimicrobial research transform your business’ products lines with custom antimicrobial solutions that resist mold growth, inhibit stains and odors to keep products cleaner for longer.

Microban Antimicrobials

Microban antimicrobials like silver, copper, and zinc, inhibit bacteria and microbe growth, protecting products and satisfying customers.

What is a Microbe?

Under the right conditions, microbes can double in number every 20 minutes. Our innovative antimicrobial solutions are administered during a product’s manufacturing process, protecting each product on a molecular level throughout its useful lifetime. Allow our antimicrobial experts to explain everything you need to know about microbes.

How Do Antimicrobial Agents Work?

Learn how antimicrobial agents are built-in to protect products on a molecular level.

Microban Bacteria Results

Our cutting-edge antimicrobial technologies have been proven effective in over 40,000 tests at over 27 independent laboratories around the world. Check out how Microban product protection inhibits uncontrolled bacteria growth on product surfaces.

Microban Mold Results

All products engineered with Microban protection undergo extensive testing in our microbiology and analytical chemistry labs. Read about our impressive independent lab tests and results.


Watch Microban protection at work and see how Microban technologies are engineered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn about antimicrobial solutions, microorganisms, how Microban technology works and more.

White Papers

In-depth studies from trusted industry professionals